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Glad to hear it ... We have been able to stay ahead of the inclination of tired and brilliant people to sometimes "argue" over information when they really need to articulate needs ... or take a nap. 

Another new development this year is the JAMS Foundation funded project taking online mediation into K-12 Schools in a pilot project with folks from ACR's Education Section and Giuseppe Leone from the Virtual Mediation Lab. The new website is at http://peermediationonline.org The group plans to start offering mediations in 2016.


Thank you for mentioning our Online Peer Mediation Platform project.

This year we have already learned that students love practicing their peer mediation skills online, using their PC, Mac, Ipad, Iphone or Android device and with the assistance of qualified mentors.  


What a wonderful project Giuseppe. I've shared a link to this discussion with folks I know are working on peer mediation, hoping they'll be able to get into the conversation! Of course, eveybody - these forums don't disappear the moment Cyberweek is over, not to worry :-)

Excellent project. (Well done Giuseppe) I am passing it on to Tim Fairhurst who is setting up one day  peer mediation courses  in UK schools. 

Did you hear about this kickstarter project - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/686070617/otter-online-dispute... it did not raise its required funding but they may still be operating to some degree. They won the hackathon prior to the ODR Forum in Stanford.



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