This story has been floating around the ADR community for a little while now but I cam across this via the NYC-DR Listserv:


Is Sarah Shahi the 'new' face of mediation?




From the

The following may be of interest to some on this listserv.

"Kate" centers on ... a top litigator who, frustrated with the bureaucracy and injustice she witnesses in legal system, decides to become the ultimate anti-lawyer: a mediator.

USA president...said that the network ...liked the different approach to a legal drama with a mediator.

... "With traditional lawyers, it's always one wins, one loses; in mediation, the goal is to have win-win."


Hat tip to ADRProfBlog where I first read this [here]. article [here].



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Hi Jeff,

That show sounds interesting. I wonder who is consulting on the mediation stuff? Any idea on when it will come out?

If I recall correctly, it should air later this Spring/early Summer.

No idea on who was consulted. What I find interesting, and amusing, I have heard mediators saying they hope it doesn't show the 'wrong kind of mediation' and they wonder 'what style of mediation will be used"!

It's just TV!


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