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The Riddle of Principle and Compromise – How We Can't Have One Without the Other

Bernie Mayer StephenKotev2-small

When to compromise and when to hold fast to our principles is one of the most difficult challenges we face when dealing with conflict. Listen in on June 24 at 8 pm Eastern as mediator, professor and author Bernie Mayer considers how these two values…


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The Texas Conflict Coach® July Radio Programs

The Texas Conflict Coach® Blog Talk Radio program announces the following episodes starting in the month of July held every Tuesday night from 5:00-5:30 pm…


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Stop the Dreaded Drama and End Destructive Conflict

Pattie2(Dec2012) zena Zumeta

We have all experienced the drama when we engage in destructive and dysfunctional conflict. It is draining, damaging and downright unhealthy. Zena Zumeta will talk with the Texas Conflict Coach, Pattie Porter to discuss her new Minibuk…


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The Quest for Conflict Mastery


For some of us the experience of being in conflict is daunting! We have learned through our families of origin, friends, teachers, and other sources how to manage our interpersonal disputes, including trial and error which are often our main teachers. The quest for engaging more effectively in conflict commonly begins when we realize our usual approaches are no longer…


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Conflict Talk - A Road Map for How to Get to the Table

Karmit Bulman

Why is there so much unresolved and destructive conflict? Why is it so hard for you to come to the table to talk about the conflict you have with someone? Karmit Bulman, Executive Director, The Conflict Resolution Center in Minnesota and the author of The Conflict Resolution Process: A Consultant's Handbook will help us understand what happens to us in our brains…


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