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Childhood Gender Diversity: A Natural Variation in Human Development

Jenn Burleton Tracy Culbreath

When children enter this world, the adults greeting them have many assumptions already in place about their future. If the child has a penis, projections about masculinity-driven biological and societal experiences prevail, if the child does not have a penis, a…


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Teen Dating Violence: Recognize the Signs and Start the Conversation

Addison Naugle and Vickie Owen Bobbi Sudberry

Adolescent dating violence and teen dating abuse are real and deadly. Many parents and their teenage sons and daughters are unfamiliar with the red flags that signal a pattern of dating abuse and violence. In this special one-hour episode, you will learn…


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Talking to Your Tweens and Teens When They Question Their Beliefs

Janet Bonnin-1 StephenKotev2

As our children grow, they naturally push for more control over their own lives. Growing independence and natural curiosity may bring them to question why the family believes what we believe. They might even reach the point of changing or abandoning beliefs held dear. How do we,…


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Ducking the Boomerang: Tips and Tactics for Adults and Adult Children to Engage Effectively

Jesan Sorrells-1

With even more Millennials and young people between the ages of 18 and 34 returning home to live with older parents, there are all kinds of issues that arise around expectations, assumptions and stages of life.

According to a recent Fortune Magazine article, the share of younger adults living at home has increased from 24% to 26% over the last 5 years, while the…


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Courageous Conversations Between Parents and Their LGBTQ Children

Priscilla Fernandez zena Zumeta

Courageous Conversations between parents and their LGBTQ children regardless of age. The coming out conversation can be extremely difficult on both sides. This program will look at some of the repercussions the LGBTQ person faces from the conversation, as well as the…


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