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Cyberweek 2015

Cyberweek 2015 brings forward a full slate of webinars, product demonstrations, discussion forums, and activities focused on the integration of technology and dispute resolution. View Discussions

Cyberweek 2016

Cyberweek 2016 provides an opportunity to discuss the latest trends, innovations, and issues related to the integration of technology into the process of conflict resolution. View Discussions

Staying with Conflict - the Election Edition 2016

We invite anyone who wishes to do so to submit a short (< 1200 words) commentary on the election from a conflict practitioner’s perspective. The goal is to take a creative look at what is transpiring using the conceptual and practical tools we bring to our work— not to promote any particular candidacy. And we encourage responses to what others have posted - the more action, the more interesting. We encourage you to link to this discussion wherever you feel it would be appropriate to do so. View Discussions

Weekly Conversations

A weekly conversation to discuss emerging issues. View Discussions

Conflict Intervention in a Divided Nation

Dialog between Gail Bingham and Bernie Mayer - with everyone invited to join in View Discussions

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