Join the Public Conversations Project and the Center for Peace, Democracy, and Development June 20 in Boston for a Transpartisan Conference.

Too often, we roll our eyes at pundits on television talking past one another about a pressing political issue. And then we move on, frustrated but ultimately resigned to the stagnation, paralysis, and silos in our political climate. We tune out, polarization worsens, and the cycle repeats.

To shift the culture of civic discourse, we need to build bridges. We need a conversation that doesn’t start and end with red or blue. And we can’t do it alone. Only together can we shift towards political narratives that value people over positions, and allow for more constructive communication across difference. Join us!

Public Conversations Project is part of a partnership convening Boston's first Transpartisan Conference on June 20th at the UMass Boston campus. The budding Transpartisan movement brings together community and business leaders across sectors and political lines to cultivate a vibrant, creative political spectrum that is capable of wise, sustainable decision-making.

Check out our exciting speakers, and register for the conference today. Tune in on June 20 with #redbluebridges on Twitter.

Learn more about our programs:Take a Class and Earn Credit Towards Master's Degree in Conflict Resolution or International Relations

Now Taking Enrollment Requests for non-degree 

Email us at for more information. 

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