Family Mediation Skills                                                                       Kathey Foskett, MS 
Mediating family matters requires the ability to help parties move forward by identifying and building common ground. This workshop looks at family systems, the mediation of divorce, separation, custody and support matters, and substantive law. The instructor brings rich experiences in family mediation theory and practice, and serves as an expert resource for participants. This workshop prepares participants for the family mediation arena, where a high level of expertise is expected by clients, judges, and attorneys. (Prerequisite: Mediation Skills and Process)
Course Fee: $795 or $745 with 10-day advanced registration
Dates: October 17 - 19
Time: 8:30am -5:30pm each day
CME: 20 hrs. Family

Domestic Violence Assessment                                                               Kathey Foskett, MS
This workshop examines the impact of domestic violence on the mediation process. Participants will learn how to identify a history of domestic violence, how to recognize behaviors incompatible with mediation, and how to address the repercussions of terminating or continuing in mediation. Also meets Virginia Family Certification requirements. (Completion of Mediation Skills and Process and Family Mediation Skills is recommended.)
Course Fee: $345 or $295 with 10-day advanced registration
Date: October 20
Time: 8:30am - 5:30pm
CME: 8 hrs. Family

Resolving Economic Issues in Divorce     Jeannette Twomey, JD; Jim Pope, JD; Stan Corey, CFP
This workshop uses a step-by-step approach to understand distribution of assets and debts, retirement funds, bankruptcy, spousal support, tax issues, and related forms and agreements. Instructors include two well-known attorneys and mediators, and a nationally-published certified financial planner. Also meets the requirements for Virginia Circuit Court Family Certification. (Prerequisite: Mediation Skills and Process and Family Mediation Skills)
Course Fee: $495 or $445 with 10-day advanced registration
Dates: October 21 - 22
Time: Day 1: 8:30pm - 5:30pm; Day 2: 8:30am – 12:45pm
CME: 12 hrs. Family


Mediating Intact Family Issues                                                                 Ervin Mast, MS, LCSW

“Family mediation” usually means helping parents separate their lives and still parent well, yet many conflicts are mediated among intact families - raising different issues and dynamics. This workshop promotes decision-making and conflict resolution within intact family relationships, including premarital, parent/teen, spousal, elder care, and extended family issues. This course is ideal for mediators, counselors, attorneys, clergy, and others, and is approved for Virginia family mediator recertification.

(Prerequisite: Mediation Skills and Process and Family Mediation Skills)
Course Fee: $345 or $295 with 10-day advanced registration
Date: October 26
Time: 8:30am - 5:30pm

CME: 8 hours

Family Mediation Role-Play (J&DR and Circuit Court Family)              Ervin Mast, MS, LCSW
Participants review the family mediation process, observe demonstrations and role-play several cases from start to finish. These role-plays provide participants with invaluable practice and feedback from seasoned mentor mediators. Day one of this training will meet the Virginia observation requirement for Juvenile and Domestic Relations Certification and day two will meet the observation requirement for Circuit Court Family Certification.

(Prerequisites: Mediation Skills and Process, Family Mediation Skills and Resolving Economic Issues in Divorce)

Course Fee: $595 or $545 with 10-day advanced registration ($345 or $295 with 10-day advanced registration for one day)
Dates: October 27 and 28

Time: 8:30am-5:30pm each day

CME: 8 hours


Sign-up for the entire institute for only $2,400!

Classes may also be taken individually (see fees above).


For additional information contact Izabela Solosi at 703.865.7261 or

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