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Today’s interconnected challenges require transdisciplinary solutions that merge theory with practice to influence policy around the world.

The Department of Conflict Resolution, Human Security and Global Go... at UMass Boston offers graduate programs in Global Governance & Human Security, Conflict Resolution and International Relations that combine theory and practice and give graduates the tools to shape communities and societies at the local and global level. 

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Explore the practice, design, and evaluation of a variety of conflict management and resolution applications. Learn nonviolent, collaborative resolution methods, including mediation, facilitation, negotiation, dialogue, and consensual decision making. 

Apply for Conflict Resolution Master's by February 15, 2015.


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Prepare to face a wide range of global policy problems through a flexible, interdisciplinary program. Learn advanced academic skills in research methods and study design. Gain insight into current international politics and understand the theoretical foundation of our increasingly dynamic international system.

Apply for International Relations Master's Program by  March 15, 2015

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A Transdisciplinary Focus that Sets us Apart


From our Summer Institute - Conflict Transformation Across Borders in Ecuador to our applied conflict resolution and negotiation projects, Conflict Resolution, Human Security and Global Governance at UMass Boston combines intellectual rigor and policy relevance with creative thinking and innovative ideas.

Students and faculty in the Department and its associated research centers embrace a diverse range of research interests that reflect the many challenges and opportunities in our changing world.

We continually strive to offer a rich array of field opportunities. Currently we are offering a Summer 2015 Study Abroad Program: Conflict Transformations Across Borders in Quito Ecuador.Learn More.

At the Center for Peace, Democracy. and Development , students and faculty engage in applied mediation efforts in Nigeria, Israel/Palestine and South Africa, as well as in Boston itself.


The Coasts & Communities program, a joint effort with the School of Environment Science funded by a prestigious IGERT grant, combines science, economics and public policy to create new knowledge and enable humans to build more resilient and sustainable communities.


The Center for Governance and Sustainability engages in applied research designed to bridge the gap between scientific discovery and public policy and thus enabling policymakers and scientists to work together to protect our planet.


Program students have engaged in projects related to the international behavior of the Qatari sovereign wealth fund, youth violence prevention initiatives in Boston, and the legacy of the city’s desegregation efforts. 


Located in a Global Center of Innovation

Located in Boston, with access to dozens of universities, city and state government, Fortune 500 companies, and more nonprofit organizations than anywhere else in the United States, UMass Boston is an ideal location to start a career meeting the challenges and opportunities of a new millennium.


Our graduate students have one of the world’s most innovative and vibrant regions as their launching pad.  Students can take advantage of interuniversity programs like the Boston Consortium on Gender, Security & Human Rights and the Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston; engage in public events featuring distinguished faculty, leaders and public servants from across the city; and engage with leaders from some of the country’s most innovative nonprofit and for-profit institutions.


Visonary Faculty

Our faculty includes experts on interpersonal and organizational conflict,cross cultural and religious conflict, international environment policy, global health, international relations theory, gender theory, and international organizations. They are respected academics and practitioners, well known authors, and members of international advisory committees.


Diverse Students

Our students represent 30 countries from six continents and bring a wide range of backgrounds and experience to UMass Boston.  Many are mid-career, while some are coming directly from university degree programs.  Some are following an academic trajectory, while others hope to become professional researchers. 

Students in our professional degree programs bring their previous education and professional experience to our learning environment.  

Our current students include lawyers, public health professionals, veterans, and employees of major organizations including the Ethiopian Environmental Protection Authority and the World Health Organization.

A Broad Range of Opportunities for Involvement


Students at UMass Boston have the opportunity to work with faculty as research assistants and the freedom to pursue their own research interests. 

Here is a sample of the diverse work our students have done in the past year:


  • spent the summer with the Mayor of Boston helping to find employment opportunities for ex-offenders and working on youth and gang violence prevention initiatives.


  • conducted research on the intersections of health and policy in Mississippi investigating how public policy can improve life chances for marginalized people.


  • conducted research in South Africa, investigating the intersection between population, migration and public health.


  • traveled to Qatar to learn more about the international role of the Qatari sovereign wealth fund.


A Record of Accomplishment


Our graduates work at universities, international organizations, government agencies, nonprofits and in the private sector. Some of our alumni include:


  • The Chief of Staff to the Minister of Energy of Nigeria


  • Directors of Mediation Services at the United Nations and the World Bank Group


  • The Director of online dispute resolution services for eBay and PayPal


  • Ombudsmen at the National Institutes of Health, American Red Cross, and universities including Princeton, Cornell, and Boston University


Our Graduate Programs:

Graduate Programs in Conflict Resolution

Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution is a two-year, interdisciplinary, professional degree program offering concentrations in organizational and international conflict. The curriculum encompasses conflict resolution, practice, analysis, theory, and research.

Priority Deadline for Fall 2015: February 15, 2015


Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution program focuses on pragmatic approaches to the resolution of conflict and offers a choice of curriculum, all of which focus on conflict resolution skills for professionals in a wide variety of settings.

Application Deadline for Fall 2015: Deadline June 1, 2015


Ph.D. Program in Global Governance and Human Security 

The Ph.D. in Global Governance will admit two IGERT fellows a year for the next five years for training as environmental problem solvers across disciplines and boundaries.

IGERT Program:  “Coasts and Communities: Natural and Human Systems in Urbanizing Environments.”

Application Deadline for Fall 2015: January 15, 2015

MSPA in International Relations two year professional degree program designed to give students a understanding of the current international system.

Application Deadline for Fall 2015: March 15, 2015

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