More couples seeking kinder, gentler divorce

Associated Press

According to the Associated Press, more and more couples are finding alternatives to adversarial divorces much more appealing. Many of this decision very cost effective. The firm, Boston Law Collaborative analyzed 199 most recent divorce cases to find that mediation was by far the most inexpensive route for couples.

The process also has shown to reap many more benefits as well. David Boyle Explains ""Because this process went so smoothly and we didn't have a lot of baggage as a result, now the tone is set for raising the kids," he said. "We get along. We work together to make it happen."

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I really enjoyed reading this article. I found it to be very informative and helpful for discussing what our ODR class is studying this semester. The fact that people are turning to more civilized means for divorcing is phenomenal! It leads me to believe that individuals do want to resolve conflict in a peaceful manner! I believe that the next phase of this kinder, gentler divorce process will lead to more online mediations. People in the future will likely be able to log on to a platform that can host an open forum between them and their spouse and work out any inconsistencies that may need to be tackled. Great article!

I appreciate this article and what it stands for.  The fact that more couples are seeking a more civilized process when amidst a divorce is reassuring.  It means that using litigation can be an enormous influence in the hostility and negativity within a divorce proceeding.  When there are children involved, using ADR as opposed to litigation can create a more peaceful and stable environment for the family.  I am glad to see that using ADR is shown to be an effecting tool on keeping relationships between the divorced parties on a friendly level rather than hostile.  I hope that ADR continues to be used for other family conflicts as well.


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