Discussion Forum: Cyberweek and the ODR Forum: Creating a Connection

Discussion forum: Cyberweek and the ODR Forum: Creating a Connection

The purpose of this Cyberweek discussion  is to elaborate works and achievements of the field -  and to look ahead, introducing the two International Forums on ODR coming up in 2016. Here is some background, and some of the topics we look forward to discussing in the forum:

ODR and China

China is an emerging eCommerce market that has been showing steady growth since 2011. According to market statistics, the 2014 market size of eCommerce in China is 1230 billion RMB (about 195 billion USD), with a growth rate at 21.3%. As of the end of June, 2015, there are 0.669 billion internet users, accounting for 48.8% of population. These numbers indicate China has great potential for disputes with regards to to eCommerce, all needing to be settled over the Internet through access to ODR.

eCommerce regulation in China is mainly involved with price fraud. There are many other annoying shortcomings and legal gaps in the areas in which we commonly encounter disputes (for example, disputes subjected to long tail theory which has been successfully applied in the field of the network economy as a new economic type of economic model). Furthermore, as Chinese law with regards to these disputes doesn’t apply globally, legal rights and interests have hardly been identified or protected.



The University of International Business and Economy (UIBE), located in Beijing, is a multi-disciplinary and national key university, with economics, management, law and literature as its core academic areas of expertise. The School of Law and the Shenzhen Institute of University jointly formed the Research Center of Dispute Resolution,UIBE(RCDR,UIBE). This organization specializes in ODR and related technology. At present, faulty members have been in charge of, or have participated in, various national or provincial research projects, and have released dozens of papers and publications concerning with ODR. Our senior scholars engage in social organizations to promote the development of ODR.

At UIBE, we have established the UODR(University Online Dispute Resolution) a proud achievement is that we developed and promoted across the campus. This bodyfunctions to resolve disputes between students and faculty members. You can look through the basic operating principles in this PPT.


12315 ODR platform is designed to resolve disputes occurring during e-commerce by following industry standards and professional associations. Services include online legal consulting, consumer complaints, online negotiation, online dispute resolution and mediation, and also a system of advance compensation. Services offered could help consumers and vendors effectively solve disputes without a lawsuit.

In Process, you are allowed to set your favorable steps to resolve your problems with the others. Please read the detailed process diagram to review how does it works. The focus of our platform is both to resolve disputes without a lawsuit wherever participants and to establish standards of integrity, to provide guidance to consumers.

ODR 2016 - Beijing

We are pleased to announce that the 2016 International Forum on ODR will be hosted by UIBE in Beijing. In this forum, hundreds of participants will engage in conversations with students, faculty members, and practitioners interested in the integration of technology into dispute resolution processes. We are planning to integrate many of the latest innovations in social media to create an interesting and informative event. Please feel very welcome to join us for ODR 2016!

Forum Moderators:

Prof. Anyu (Andy) Lee is a doctoral supervisor at University of International Business and Economy (UIBE) in Beijing, China. Prof. Lee serves as the chief scientist of the university’s eCommerce Research institute and executive Vice-President of the university’s Shenzhen Institute, which is a thinking tank founded jointly by the university and Shenzhen municipal government. Prior to the university, Prof. Lee was the director of eCommerce technology research center at China Academy of Sciences for 10 years. Before coming back to China, Prof. Lee worked in Silicon Valley for over 12 years as a senior engineer and research scientist in various companies including LSI Logic, Silicongraphic, HP Lab. Prof. Lee founded Internet Image Inc. in 1997 and successfully merged with Intraware, a Nasdaq listed company. Prof. Lee was educated in Shanghai JiaoTong University (BS, MS), University of Arizona (MS), and Stanford University (Phd.) with HP corporate fellowship.


Contact info:

Mobile: 13910315823

Email: anyu.lee@gmail.com

Website: http://eb.uibe.edu.cn


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This discussion is intended to provide information about the two ODR conferences that are planned for 2016. The first will take place in The Hague May 23 and 24 and the second in Beijing on September 19 and 20. I hope that you will be able to join us. The 2015 meeting was held in New Yoork at Pace Law School and the program and other information about it is accessible at odr2015.org  As more information about this year's meetings becomes available, it will be posted at odr2016.org  Our organizers are jin ho verdonschot of Hiil.org and Andy Lee of the University of International Business and Economics.

Just one quick correction to Ethan's note: the info on odr2015 is at http://law.pace.edu/odr-2015 (sorry, I let the odr2015.org redirect expire).  Additionally, the info on odr2014 is at http://odr2014.nfshost.com/.  Very excited about the two 2016 meetings in The Hague and Beijing -- and eager to hear everyone's thoughts about how to make them the best ever!

Thanks for having this discussion as part of Cyberweek. I really appreciate having a written listing of the dates and locations so I can copy it into my calendar.

I'm excited about the locations, and look forward to hearing more about the plans for topics and speakers that are planned.

...and I'm just excited that there is so much going on this year! As the forums approach and take place, I hope you'll all keep on sharing your ideas, proposals, presentations and conference experiences here at ADRhub, people; also, remember to keep an eye out here and at www.ODR.info for updates and events.

Beautiful poster!

Thank you!

Andy - this is a long shot but do you/UIBE have any links with XJTLU , being the "Xi'an Jiaotong -Liverpool University"which is a partnership university between The University of Liverpool UK with Xi'an Jiaotong University - see  http://www.xjtlu.edu.cn/en/  I see you studied at Jiantong. 

I ask particularly because I hosted the 5th ODR Forum at Liverpool University and wonder whether the 15th may give an opportunity to create further links. It was the University's School of Management that provided all the support and facilities for the Forum which coincidentally is the department that  led the creation of XJTLU. XJTLU have a business school and their research focus, whilst mainly scientific, includes Big Data research which would connect into work in AI and dispute resolution which is what is on the ODR horizon. 

It is so wonderful seeing the continual opportunities for engagement concerning these important topics. Especially after seeing the many wonderful developments that are taking place through the presentations and conversations taking place this week. I do have a question that may relate to many out there following this conversation, especially the students that may be interested. How can newcomers to the field get involved with the developments that are taking place? What is the value that these face-to-face meetings provide to those that want to contribute to the field of online dispute resolution? 

Thanks for all your shaping these conversations that take conflict engagement to the next level with technology.


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