Webinar - Online tools in arbitration: A chance for lawyers and arbitrators to update skill

Online tools in arbitration: A chance for lawyers and arbitrators to update skill

Online tools in arbitration: A chance for lawyers and arbitrators t... from Werner Institute on Vimeo.

Program Description

"In a time where there is widespread criticism of arbitration as too costly, and takes too long, Arbitrators need to distinguish themselves from the rest of the field by updating their skill set.  This one hour webinar will show you how to use an online tool that brings added value to your practice to make dispute resolution processes more efficient. This webinar will show how an arbitrator can expedite the arbitration process by using a simple low cost online tool to take testimony from a witness, allowing him to share documents, draw on photographs and show videos, and to illustrate his expert testimony. This can be done with everyone in different locations and using different devices. All of this can be video recorded and shared creating an instant record at no additional cost. Attendees will learn basic techniques and will see a video demonstrating the simplicity of the tool. Following this there will be a Q&A session.”

Presenters’ Bio

Thomas P. Valenti is an attorney, mediator, arbitrator facilitator and trainer. He has been extensively trained in all aspects of Dispute Resolution. Tom is a former Board Member of Mediators Beyond Borders International (MBBI]. He was Co-Leader of the Athens Migration Dialogue Project. Mr. Valenti was also involved with the Middle East Peace Initiative working with an Israeli Jewish and Palestinian peace village, Neve Shalom Wahat Al Salam (NSWAS) and its Pluralistic Spirituality Center Project. Tom has an interest in understanding the issues raised with cross-cultural disputes. He gave the Keynote Address on Interfaith and Multicultural Dialogue at the Dispute Resolution conference at the Ismaili Center, London, in May 2016.  His interests are enhanced by his work with The International Academy of Dispute Resolution (INADR), which is a charitable organization set up to further the interest of mediation amongst law students globally.  He has judged and trained at numerous International legal, negotiation,  arbitration, and mediation competitions. He has travelled to the UK, Dubai, India and Europe to train and teach courses in Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration. He has trained in the past for ADRGroup, UK.

Giuseppe Leone, Workplace and commercial mediator since 1997.

Founder of Virtual Mediation Lab, an online mediation project sponsored by the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) Hawaii Chapter, and featured in the Summer 2013 issue on “Innovation and Conflict Resolution” of ACResolution, the ACR quarterly magazine.

Mediator for the United States Postal Service (USPS) to resolve workplace conflicts (discrimination, harassment, supervisor vs employee disputes). On January 9, 2014, Giuseppe mediated the first USPS online mediation of their nationwide REDRESS conflict resolution program.

Team Member of the Online Peer Mediation Platform, a 2-year project funded by the JAMS Foundation to help college, elementary, middle and high school students: learn online how to become peer mediators; practice their peer mediation skills online with the assistance of their trainer/mentor; deliver or request online peer mediation services.



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You will access this live webinar by following this link:

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The archive for this session is now available for viewing by clicking play on the video box above. Please feel free to continue the discussion in this forum by adding any comments and questions.


Thanks for all your effort, Brian. Here is a framing question to start the discussion. "Do you see yourself using online technology in an arbitration? If, so let us know your role -- advocate/arbitrator/case manager, etc. -  and for what purposes you may use the technology.

Today Tom Valenti and I demonstrated how some arbitration tasks can now be performed online, saving parties a considerable amount of time and money.

During our webinar we also talked about the following points.

1 - Arbitration Experience
Although the online technology we use is important, the success of an online arbitration depends mainly on the arbitrator’s skills and experience.

2 - Training in Online Arbitration
Before arbitrators add online services to their practice, it is recommended that they participate in a hands-on training. Not only to learn how they can do online what they are used to do in-person, but also to find out how they can prevent and resolve any problems that may occur during an online arbitration.

3 – Online Arbitration Marketing
True, many attorneys and companies know already what arbitration means, how it works, how long it takes and how much it can cost. Most of them, however, don’t know what “online” arbitration means, what it looks like, its benefits. Therefore, it is up to us (ODR practitioners) to show them some specific examples of online arbitration “in action”, as Tom and I did today .

Do you have other comments or suggestions as to what else can be done for online arbitration to take off?


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