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NCMR Special Issue Call for Papers

Negotiation and Conflict Management Research (NCMR)

Special Issue Call for Papers


Lessons from Practice: Extensions of Current Negotiation Theory and Research

Submission Deadline: January 15,…


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Community Mediation: Unique, Arduous, Rewarding

Community conflict is a fact of life. This year has created new and critical challenges that fuel social and cultural unrest. Many communities are turning to mediation as a way to achieve understanding, resolve conflict and create a better future for their citizens. This article is part one of a four part series addressing the four important steps in the community mediation process: planning, preparation and design, process, evaluation and monitoring.

            Mediation is unique…


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Speaking Truths Panel: IMAGES OF JUSTICE AND INJUSTICE (online, Sept. 1st)

Tuesday, September 1st, 12 noon US Central Time

Experiencing systemic injustice such as racism, misogyny, and colonialism can be hard to name. And even after seeing and naming this kind of injustice, people struggle with how it is normalized and hidden. Why and how is systemic injustice normalized? How can we stop the perpetuation of injustice within our…


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Mediation in Property Settlement Cases

At the point when a couple chooses to end off their relationship, it's generally the situation that they wish to separate their lives when practicably conceivable. This can demonstrate hard to do in the event that you claimed property together during the relationship.

Settling property matters is a…


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2020 Resource Share Material

Here is the compilation of resources harvested at the 2020 Legal Educators’ Resource Share which this year was held during the virtual ABA DR Section Conference.

Sharon and I appreciated seeing so many colleagues attend the session, and their continued generosity in sharing their experience.

This is the…


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Statement by Conflict Engagement Specialists about Conflict Engagement and Strategic Disruption (Originated by Bernie Mayer and Susan Terry)

From Bernie and Susan:

Friends - a group of conflict engagement practitioners have created a statement of intent regarding racism. We will follow this up with a deeper discussion and a Call to Action to conflict practitioners. It was, of course, spurred by recent events in the U.S. and the international response that we are seeing. We realize that our diverse group represents a number of countries and each of you will have to decide if this statement is representative of what you are… Continue

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ZOOM Breakout Rooms in Action in Multi-Party Dispute - 1-hour FREE Training - June 16, 2020

During this Free event, online mediators and mediators interested in online mediation will learn:

  • How to plan, set up, and manage Zoom Breakout Rooms in an online mediation of a multi-party dispute

  • How their parties/clients experience being inside a…


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Resources for ADR, Conflict and Negotiation Teachers Transitioning Courses Online

Sharon Press and I gave a webinar last week on conducting simulations in courses transitioning to Zoom and other videoconferencing platforms. The video is available here:

Feel very welcome to view and to share. Our…


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How Much Justice Can You Afford?

It is one of the oldest lawyer jokes in the book, and its punchline is about to change.

Remember the New Yorker cartoon, in which a lawyer and their client sit at a table, and the lawyer assesses the client’s legal problem? “You have a pretty good case,” the lawyer informs him, “How much justice can you afford?”

The client’s response is unvoiced in the cartoon, but moving beyond the punchline, one can imagine the client’s heart sinking,…


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New Book: Litigation Interest and Risk Assessment

When John Lande gave me a preview of his new book (written with Michaela Keet and Heather Heavin)  Litigation Interest and Risk Assessment, I read it in one gulp. It was everything they never taught me in law school, and many of the mistakes I’ve seen lawyers make while counseling their clients in mediation, all rolled into one.

The book explains how lawyers, mediators, and settlement…


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International Dispute Management Open Froum

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International Dispute Management

Introducing the concept of Resource-based Dispute Management. The focus is on the limitation of natural resources.

My book can be purchased at

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Fieldwide Governance for ODR - Video Conversation with Prof. Amy Schmitz

Only four years ago, John Zeleznikow and I wrote an article on field-wide governance for the field of Online Dispute Resolution. Published in Negotiation Journal, it was called  …


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Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Program Annual Impact Report

Read our Annual Impact Report, detailing the work, activities, and achievements of Creighton University's NCR Program and 2040 Initiative for 2019-2020.

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‘To save face means simply to maintain one's dignity. ... Clearly, for these types of people, face-saving during a negotiation because of a larger issue. Angry or hostile behaviour can result when a negotiator's self-worth feels threatened. Some negotiators shut down or…


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On Sale Now! The Palgrave Handbook of Cross-Cultural Business Negotiation

I'm so thrilled to announce that Palgrave has a special holidays sale going on now… and the e-Book of The Palgrave Handbook of Cross-Cultural Business Negotiation is available for 9.99! (in dollars, Euro or whatever).

Take advantage of this sale to benefit from the work of the outstanding negotiation experts from around the world who contributed to this book. The e-book is the perfect form for this book’s purpose: download it to your phone, table or laptop, and take it with you next…


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“Once upon a time, men arguably wiser and more sensible than those of the present era settled their disputes by sitting down together in a civilised fashion and talking until the problem was solved. No courts, no judges, no longwinded wrangling over technicalities; just a chat by the fireside,…


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‘’On the surface, warfare and negotiation may seem to be polar opposites. The objective in war is to defeat the enemy. In negotiation, the goal is to find a solution that satisfies all the parties. Not surprisingly, little cross-learning and exchange have occurred across the two domains. In spite of important…


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Reflections on the International Forum on ODR (Oct/ 2019)

Back from ODR 2019, which focused this year on ODR's entry into the court system - which is without a doubt the fastest-developing phenomenon I've ever seen in the legal or the conflict fields.  I’d like to share some thoughts with those of you who are interested in that these developments.
1) It was just as amazing to hear…

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Star Wars and Conflict Resolution - Call for Chapter Proposals


Star Wars and Conflict Resolution

Editors: Noam Ebner (Creighton University) and Jen Reynolds (University of Oregon)

We seek proposals for chapters in a book combining the knowledge and science of the conflict resolution field with the rich narrative universe of…


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