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Why I became a teacher, part 213:

...because just as your children become parents, and bless you with grandchildren – so too, your students become teachers, and bless you with grandstudents. 

And, although you don’t know quite how many there are out there, and you don’t get to hear about the wonderful things they do in the world – every now and then, you see ripples or hear echoes. And sometimes, you get to hear about how one of them goes off and does something outstanding like this. 

I can't claim any credit…


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Hear No Evil

It’s no secret that I’ve been struggling to parent my middle child (nine years old) lately. But, I feel we had SOMEWHAT of a breakthrough the other day, and I hope it helps us resolve our seemingly endless series of conflicts.During what was a particularly hostile exchange (mostly from her end, I could swear), I decided to whip out my iPhone and start recording our fight on voice memo. To be fair, I knew I was recording…


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The Texas Conflict Coach® June Radio Programs

The Texas Conflict Coach® Blog Talk Radio program announces our programs for the month of June.

The following episodes will air every Tuesday from 5:00-5:30 pm PST/7:00-7:30 pm CST/

8:00-8:30 pm EST.

To participate, go to the designated link for each program or call-in live at 347-324-3591.



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Workplace Systemic Issues: Do Your Leaders Really Want to Know?

Rita Callahan

Like many conflict resolution or ADR professionals who start as a mediator, it doesn’t take long before a mediator doing workplace cases in one organization begins to wonder about the organization’s culture, communication, or leadership skills. “If only the organization had better practices, the mediation (or coaching or training or group facilitation) wouldn’t be needed”,…


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What's Happening In Conflict Resolution [05.26.15]

What's Happening in Conflict Resolution" is a weekly round up of the all the ADR news, jobs, events and more. Check it out each week and view past versions [HERE].…


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Realtors to Require Local Ombuds Nationwide Next Year

The National Association of REALTORS® will all state and local associations to provide Ombudsman Services by January 1, 2016 pursuant to Professional Standards Policy Statement #59.  According to a press release, "It is the belief of the National Association’s Professional Standards Committee that many ethics complaints might be…

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Don't Care for Me - Part 2

Last week, I posted Part 1 of a short series of the challenges of being a caregiver. We want to give. Why does someone else not want to receive?

This week, we explore ways to overcome the resistance with a new perspective – after having walked a mile in the other person’s…


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Mediators Don't Like Being Told What to Do Either

We transformative mediators sometimes offend other mediators.  We're so convinced that we provide a purer form of self-determination; and we complain about mediators who are manipulative or pushy.  It's understandable that those other mediators don't like that.   Read the full article here.

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No-No’s to Live By

images9CPQT0NF So, here are a few “no-no” phrases never to use when those conflicts do arise, courtesy of an article by Georgia Lee for FAMILYSHARE.

  •  Profanities

Don’t fire back when your child hurls these at you. In the end, you are the adult and everything you do is teaching your child how to behave when he reaches adulthood.

  • “You’re/You’re a (insert any insulting label here)”

Part of fighting fair is…


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New Book By Dr. Jackie Font: Experiencing Puerto Rican Citizenship and Cultural Nationalism

This is an excellent book on identity, culture and how these relate to conflict. The book exposes the inconvenient truth about the relationship between the United States and Puerto Rico that few USAmericans are aware of - and the ramifications this has on the relationship between Puerto Ricans and the United States.

My colleague Jackie Font of the Werner Institute, ladies and gentlemen. This goes into the "and I knew her way back when!" category!…


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Teamwork Tango: Using Partner Dancing Principles to Improve Organizational Leadership

Yael Schy
Today’s organizations require that workers be adaptable. Truly effective leaders know how to follow and how it feels to be a follower. Conversely, in order to be a productive team member, one must understand the difficulties of being a team…

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What's Happening In Conflict Resolution [05.19.15]

The 2016 Global Pound Conference Series!

An invitation to participate in shaping 

dispute resolution and access to justice around the world…


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Don’t Care for Me – Part 1

Caregiving is such a challenge. Most of us aren’t trained in how to do it and yet we are called upon to be caregivers — sometimes for someone recovering from an accident or illness or perhaps for an elderly parent.

We want to offer a helping hand, yet often we are met with resistance to care. Why is that?

This two-part series will delve into what I have learned about the delicate balance between promoting cooperation with someone you are caring despite his/her…


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New Masters (or: why I always celebrate mid-May)

This is always my favorite weekend of the year: Commencement!

I've just re-read the list of names of forty graduates of The Werner Institute at  at Creighton University who will be designated Masters of their field, this weekend. The field of Negotiation and Dispute Resolution attracts, and develops such wonderful people - and it has…


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Who’s in Charge Anyway?

After our big move, I couldn’t help but notice my nine year-old was having the most difficulty transitioning. Between the “sassy” comebacks and the constant barrage of “no, you can’t make me,” I was pulling my hair out with frustration.

And, I was scratching my head–a lot. What could be prompting this eruption of defiance? Could the move be having such a negative impact on her emotional state?…


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Taking the War Out of Our Words: Turning Conflict into Conversation in the Workplace

Sharon Ellison StephenKotev2

How long does it take to get defensive? What kind of impact does it have? Sharon Ellison will demonstrate how to defuse defensiveness, often instantly, whether you are talking to a co-worker or are a manager needing to give feedback to an employee.…


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What's Happening in Conflict Resolution [05.12.15]

fist press exercise

Conflict resolution activities: The fist press

Tammy Lenski- When I’m mediating, coaching, or training, there are moments I want to illustrate why…


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Conflict and Culture–Why Geography Matters

So, as many of you know by now, I’ve recently moved back to Hawaii with my family after spending seven years on the mainland.

And, frankly, we couldn’t be happier with our decision. But, just 13 days in, I’m experiencing the culture shock I remember having when I first moved to Hawaii at 23 years old.images (4)

In short, people here aren’t really into…


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Why I Became a Teacher, Part 83:

...because every so often you get a letter like the following, which I received this week from a student, who is very close to being a graduate of The Werner Institute:

"My practicum is coming to a close and I wanted to share a bit of it with you…


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Kent State Incident Helps Create Mediator

Janet Mueller explains the significance to her of May the Fourth.  The violence that day led to the existence of an academic program that set her on the path to becoming a mediator.  You can read her post here.

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