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Walking Away With Grace

Sometimes when we are in conflict with another person we are faced with a dilemma about what we are or are not willing to say or do, or give or take, to reconcile matters. Though at some level of consciousness we want to settle things, there are times when we realize that what it may take to do so would compromise our values and needs. Or, we may have an excessive amount of antipathy towards the other person or sense that coming from them. Or, we may be worn down and despairing, have lost…


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JAMS Announces Updated Arbitration Rules

JAMS Announces Updated Arbitration Rules


July 9, 2014


Irvine, Calif. – In an effort to provide attorneys and their clients with the most up-to-date rules that suit the needs of their cases, JAMS is proud to announce it has revised its Comprehensive,…


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Community Mediation: Empowerment and Dialogue

In many communities around the country there are community mediation centers supported by volunteer mediators. Community Boards of San Francisco is the oldest community mediation center in the country, started in 1976. The philosophy of community mediation centers is to empower community… Continue

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Communication Stoppers – Part 1

What can inhibit 2 way conversation?? A ‘communication stopper’ can.

What’s that?

A communication stopper is a phrase that discourages someone from expressing him or herself.  It may not only shut down a conversation, but can also make it more difficult to connect again in the future.stop signs

I pulled out the manual for our 40 hour Basic Mediation class…


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Mediation and Couples Therapy–Mutually Exclusive?

Mediation and Couples Therapy–Mutually Exclusive?

Jeanette recently sent me an article about mediation and couples therapy by Don Sinkov, a New York mediator, which focused on mediation and couples therapy. Basically, the writer expressed his thoughts on referring couples to therapy when the issues run too deep for the mediation table.

The writer focused on…


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Jumping from the Frying Pan into the Fire

It happens in conflict that things frequently escalate in a way that results in the other person or us making things worse. The expression “jumping from the frying pan into the fire” applies here as an idiom that generally means escaping a bad situation for a worse situation. According to one source, “it was made the subject of a 15th-century fable that eventually entered the Aesopic canon”.…


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A Look Back at Hurricane Katrina- A Radical New Role for Conflict Management Professionals

 Using Hurricane Katrina as a model, this speaker will discuss the phenomenology of disasters in America. Various deleterious factors can be forecast that impede effective emergency response. These factors can be better managed when one person is placed in a role to oversee and manage the crisis phase of a disaster. A Conflict Management Professional can unify the ad hoc crisis management team and ensure its accountability and engagement. Provision of a structural solution of this…


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