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Harvard PON Webinar on Riskin's New Book on Managing Conflict Mindfully:

I'm reading Leonard Riskin's new book Managing Conflict Mindfully. If you work in conflict, so should you.


At some point, I'll write more about why that's so. For now, even better: let Prof. Riskin, together…


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Star Wars, Negotiation, and Conflict Resolution - Together, they Are

Negotiate for a living? Resolve conflict? Manage teams? Responsible for relationships within and outside of your company? Work with people? Fight sometimes?

I've got the book for you.…


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Coming Out as Introverted

My recent piece about introversion seems to have struck a nerve.  It stimulated the most – and most intense – reactions to any of my posts.  Several people emphatically identified with it, saying that they felt that it was about them.


I’m sure a lot of other readers felt that way too.


Introversion is a mostly invisible part of people’s identities.  We are pretty aware of many aspects of…


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June 13th NCTDR Webinar: Sir Richard Susskind and Prof. Ethan Katsh

A conversation with Richard Susskind (author) & …


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Webinar: ODR Ethics and Standards: What Do They Mean to Our Practices?

Webinar: ODR Ethics and Standards: What Do They Mean to Our Practices?

Thursday, June 9, 2022 @ 11am-12:30pm EST

An international panel moderated by …


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Soliciting proposals for chapters in a book on disruptive technologies and government responses

Goal: We would like to enthusiastically invite scholars and experts to submit proposals for chapters to be included in a forthcoming book titled, “Government Response to Disruptive Innovation: Perspectives and Examinations.”

ODR is especially well-suited to this topic. …


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Speaking Truths Panel: IMAGES OF JUSTICE AND INJUSTICE (online, Sept. 1st)

Tuesday, September 1st, 12 noon US Central Time

Experiencing systemic injustice such as racism, misogyny, and colonialism can be hard to name. And even after seeing and naming this kind of injustice, people struggle with how it is normalized and hidden. Why and how is systemic injustice normalized? How can we stop the perpetuation of injustice within our…


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News From Creighton NCR: Annual Impact Report 2017-2018

ADRHub is happy to share Creighton University's Negotiation and Dispute Resolution Program's Annual Impact Report, detailing the Program's activity over the course of the 2017-8 academic year. Our alumni, students and faculty have been very busy in teaching, writing, and…


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Trump and Putin

Like almost everyone across the political spectrum in the US (and most of the world), I am appalled by Trump’s smarmy, self-serving, incompetent and cowardly behavior in Helsinki, before that at the NATO summit and in the UK, and since.

I am appalled because Trump is once again saying it’s all Obama and Clinton ‘s fault, while he is wonderful, and so is Putin.

I am appalled because Trump yet again equated the effort to uncover what really happened in the last election with a…


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Career Survey (Undergrad, Graduate and Professionals)

I'm trying to get a better sense of the needs of those looking for work in peace and conflict related fields (conflict management, conflict resolution, peacebuilding, humanitarian assistance, etc.). Could you take a few minutes to complete this …

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International Ombudsman Association Seeks Proposals for Professional Development Programming

The professional association for Organizational Ombuds is soliciting proposals for a "replicable core course which will introduce ombuds professionals to conflict theory" -- a new two-day course to be offered…


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Dialog position in Berlin

The Berghof Foundation in Berlin is looking for a Senior Dialogue Facilitator, for a 24 month period (extendable), starting as soon as possible. More details here:

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How To Publish Your Blog At ADRhub.com

This is a quick guide to show how easy it is to post your blog posts from another site (your main blog) and increase your exposure while sharing your great content with a wider audience.  What is important to note is that you can post many postings at the same time and have them go live at a date determined by you. 

Also, as you will see below, we (ADRhub.com) encourage you to include a link to the location where it was originally…


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Twitter Chat For ADR Professionals

I love technology, specifically twitter. Jason Dykstra (@jasondyk) and I have been talking for about a month or so and jointly decided to put together a twitter chat specifically for professionals in the ADR field…


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