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The Reaction Cycle: What happens when we react?

The other day I came home after a long day of work and put my bag down and said hi to my wife and son. I took off my shoes and my coat and draped it over my bag in the kitchen. The second my coat and shoes were off my wife asked me to take something outside to the garbage.

“What?? Can’t you see I just literally took my shoes and coat off? You couldn’t ask me that 2 seconds earlier?” was my response.

I reacted. I’m sure you can think of times where that has happened. How do you…


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Myth #3: Broadcast, Broadcast, Broadcast

What would it be like if you went out for coffee with someone, tried to carry on a conversation with them (respond to what they are saying, ask questions, etc.) and they never stopped talking the entire time?  What if you asked them a question clarifying what they were talking about and they didn’t take the time to answer? What would you do? I know that I would get up and leave….and try to stick…


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Is Your Brand being Reactive or Proactive?

I typically deal with conflict after it’s happened. A family breaks up, someone else got your promotion, you just gave a performance review and it didn’t go well. This is when people come to me...it’s a reaction. It’s after-the-fact, it happens after you have went through an event that caused you some pain, hurt, discomfort….it is a reaction.  This doesn't just happen with individuals, but also with organizations.

So what do these reactions mean for your brand, your…


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