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The Science of Negotiation – Patterns to Predict Success or Failure

I highly recommend reading this from the brilliant people at Metric Lab.  
Yes, it's a bit long and covers a variety of topics but it is well worth…

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Quick Tip: Hostage Negotiator's Tone of Voice

(Originally posted at the Crisis Negotiator Blog)

Crisis and hostage negotiator's are involved in situations that are tense, stressful, and anxiety-filled.  In order to try to reduce the overwhelming emotions being experienced by the person they are trying to help, the negotiator's tone of voice is an important tool that can help move the conversation toward a…


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Top 10 FBI Behavioral Unit Techniques for Building Rapport With Anyone

(From Robin Dreeke is head of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Behavioral Analysis Program.

In his book It’s Not All About “Me”: The Top Ten Techniques for…


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Using Analogies To Defend Mandatory Mediation


by Giuseppe de Palo, Christian Radu Chereji, Constantin-Adi Gavrila


The above three authors recently wrote a fairly in-depth response to Adi Gavrila's article titled "What Went Wrong With Mediation." …


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Prezi Presentation: 10 Mistakes of Hostage & Crisis Negotiators

I recently gave a presentation at Columbia University Conference on 10 Mistakes Law Enforcement Hostage and Crisis Negotiators Have Made & How You Can Avoid Them.

Grounded in research, the presentation also offers methods these negotiators…


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Tips For Tough Negotiations By Former Ambassador Richardson

Originally posted at the Crisis Negotiator Blog

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Bill Richardson has quite the reputation for brokering deals with thugs. Here's how he does it.…


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Government Shutdown Tip: Build A Golden Bridge

Build a golden-what?

What does a bridge, no less a 'golden' one, have to do with mediation and negotiation? Well, the term is from William Ury's book, Getting Past No [here at Amazon and many others].…


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Hostage & Crisis Negotiators: Nonverbal Communication Basics

Learn the skills used by these expert negotiators and how it can help you.

Law enforcement crisis and hostage negotiators are world-renowned for their ability to apply expert conflict resolution and communication skills in situations…


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Farah Pandith TEDx Boston Talk: Dismantle Hate With Counter-Narratives

Watch this TEDx Boston event featuring peace and conflict resolution promoter, Farah Pandith.  She is also the first ever US Department of State Special Representative to Muslim Communities. She talks about the global Muslim youth community, perspectives, and particularly the diversity of what it means to be Muslim. 

She mentions where do you young people (young Muslims in the examples she provides) go for answers? Often, it is the Internet and it provides an opportunity for…


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Are Women Lousy Salary Negotiators?

First, before anyone goes on the attack against me, this is not my title or my article. I came across it at  Have a read of the snippet below.  Thoughts?

No man would ever say – at least in print or mixed company – that women are bad at negotiating for money and power…


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Public Diplomacy's Role at Various Stages of Conflict Resolution

"...Public diplomacy is critical in extending civilian-military power. It combines soft and hard power to make the kind of “smart power” that is necessary to succeed." 

-Tara Sonenshine, U.S. Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy…


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Judging Others When You Don't Realize It

Mediation and nonverbal communication are two terms, and those who know me can vouch for it, that I have been using non-stop for the past two years as both are the core focus areas of my PhD research topic at Griffith University Law School


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Empathy is the Secret Weapon

Empathy is the Secret Weapon

Having the ability to combat hate requires skills that are also necessary of mediators and other conflict professionals.  One such skill is…


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Quiet Cars & Conflict Resolution

I just read this and enjoyed it so I thought some here on, especially those familiar with the "quiet cars", will too.



A Conflict Resolution Scholar Explains How to Resolve Conflicts in the Quiet Car…


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Being Transparent Does Not Always Payoff, Mediators

To all of the mediators who believe in transparency, take a look at this short clip and let me know if being transparent is always good.  Enjoy  :)

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UN Mediation & Peacemaking Website

Did you know the UN has a site dedicated to peacemaking?

They also have a mediation response team always on standby ready and able to help when called upon.  

From the site:


Established in 2008, the Standby Team is a group of full-time mediation experts that can be rapidly deployed to provide technical advice to United Nation’s officials and others leading mediation and conflict…


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6 Negotiation Mistakes

Men's Health…

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Edinburgh: Conflict Resolution Capital... of the World?

It was very interesting to see Edinburgh, Scotland is trying to market itself as the global location for people to visit to resolve their conflicts.  Sure, one might think of New York City, Paris, or Geneva, but why not?

from the article:

KEY players from opposing sides in conflicts around the world would be brought together in Edinburgh under a plan to make the Capital a location of choice for peace talks.

The plans have been compared to the…


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What's Happening [01.08.13]

Caucus Saves The NHL Season!

The value of caucusing was on full display as it played a critical role in resolving the NHL…


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The Mediator- Queen of the Room!

On a recent episode of CBS's the Good Wife, the confusion between mediation and arbitration was once again on display.  Firstly, I do not watch the show but rather it was mentioned on the very popular John Jay College Dispute Resolution Listserv.…

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