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Won't Leak In Flight!

Won't Leak in Flight!

Hire Me: I’m Really Good at Summarizing
What are the odds of me being hired if this was my big selling point as a professional mediator?  Think about it, you really do want to be a good summarizer, right?
Of course this is absurd to think this would be a top selling point when promoting…

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How To Publish Your Blog At

This is a quick guide to show how easy it is to post your blog posts from another site (your main blog) and increase your exposure while sharing your great content with a wider audience.  What is important to note is that you can post many postings at the same time and have them go live at a date determined by you. 

Also, as you will see below, we ( encourage you to include a link to the location where it was originally…


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Nonverbal Communication Tweets Of The Week

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For those interested in nonverbal communication (body language, gestures, appearance, semiotics, voice tone, touch, etc.) both from a research and academic perspective or if you have just a 'casual' interest in the subject, I thought I…


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Time, Mediation, Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

Time's Role In Mediation, Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

Time often plays a crucial role in mediations, negotiations, conflict coaching, and other conflict related situations.  Aside of the obvious billable rate per hour, there are various subtle yet important ways TIMEfactors into the work we do as professionals assisting those in…

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Nonverbal Communication & Mediation Radio Interview

I invite everyone to listen to a recent segment I participated in on Nicole Dyer's radio show on ABC Gold Coast radio.  I discuss the importance of nonverbal communication in various settings including mediations and negotiations.  This includes how important rapport is and specific nonverbal gestures that are associated with…


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