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Interfaith Mediation

My two main job professions is working in mediation/conflict resolution and law enforcement. One of my primary tasks working as a Detective in the NYPD is doing interfaith work the many different religious groups in New York City.
Something I have long been working to do in this capacity is bring together the mediation community and the interfaith community together as both sides can work…

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If All You Have Is A Hammer, All You WIll See Are Nails!

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If you are not aware of…


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Seven (Sometimes Surprising) Facts About Mediation

Ever wonder how I get all the news and mediation related stories for and One of the ways is going to and search keywords such as "mediation."

This morning, during my search, the following came up which I am sure will generate some thoughts and comments (internally sure- will you post…

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Let's Here It for Research! (Hip Hip...)

If anyone felt like asking me to talk (briefly) about my current research, this is what I would say (today at least):

The unique nature of mediation- mediators interpret and adapt the foundational elements to fit their unique style and practice as well as to each specific case makes it most appropriate for qualitative analysis to be used to study it.…

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