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Random Book Pages & Learning Opportunities

I am not sure if I am the only one who does this but whenever I get a new book, I open to a random page and start reading.  
Why? Why not? 


Well, one thing is by reading a random few pages is it informs me if the book is any good.  This random thin slice (a snippet or section representing the whole.  Thin Slice methodology also happens to play significant role in my PhD- read more …

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Ever Experience the "Duper's Delight"?

Have a look at my latest article on micro expressions, and the famous "Duper's Delight"- taking joy in fooling someone.  Have you experienced this during a mediation session or during negotiations?

Keep in mind, these micro expressions, or facial actions that happen in less than a second, are a form of leakage that is often missed by many.…


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Have a Look!

For all my conflict resolution professionals who enjoy my posts on nonverbal communication, you can now enjoy reading all about it at as I will now be writing their in my new blog titled, "Beyond… Continue

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Occupy Wall Street: Collaborators in Peace

As someone who has been there multiple days, I can attest to the powerful and peaceful nature of basically all the people present at Zucotti Square- the proper name of the of the "Occupy Wall Street" location.

The important note to point out to my fellow professionals is my primary job (aside of being a mediator) is as a member of the NYPD.  I am a detective in…


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