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Star Wars and Conflict Resolution - Call for Chapter Proposals


Star Wars and Conflict Resolution

Editors: Noam Ebner (Creighton University) and Jen Reynolds (University of Oregon)

We seek proposals for chapters in a book combining the knowledge and science of the conflict resolution field with the rich narrative universe of…


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Workshop (Omaha and Online) (Free) - Conflict Resolution Training and Workplace Performance of Healthcare Professionals

Are you curious about the link between conflict resolution education and, job satisfaction of healthcare professionals and outcomes for patients? The Creighton University Negotiation & Conflict Resolution - NCR​ Program has the workshop for you!

For those who cannot join us in person but would like to tune in online, you may join on Zoom. Instructions in the event invitation below.

The Impact and Effectiveness of Conflict…


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Resources for conflict, negotiation and ADR teachers - shared by other teachers

2019 Resource Share!

Sharon Press and Bobbi McAdoo of Mitchell-Hamline School of Law have once again shared the harvest of the annual Resource Share session they conduct at the ABA's Section of Dispute Resolution annual conference. This year, the compilation has grown so large, that it is broken down into two documents, one containing teaching ideas and…


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New Book: Negotiation Essentials for Lawyers

65 authors, herded by editors Andrea Schneider and Chris Honeyman, have contributed to this practical, easy to read, and helpful book on negotiation. It is ostensibly directed at lawyers, but I think that readers from all professions would benefit from reading it.

Take a look through the Table of…


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New Horizons for the ADR Field: Where Are We Headed, and Where Can We Go?

Noam Ebner with Ava Abramowitz, Michael Green, Chris Guthrie, Lela Love, and Nancy Welsh

The Appreciating our Legacy and Engaging the Future conference held at Pepperdine Law School and co-sponsored by the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, ABA Section of Dispute Resolution and Texas A&M’s Aggie Dispute Resolution Program got off to a wonderful start, with over 150 ADR educators and professionals filling the room. After opening remarks,…


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Sometimes they choose mediation, sometimes they don't. How do they choose?

Check out this article, winner of the AALS Section on ADR's Best Article of 2018 award, in which Donna Shestowsky explores how litigants make their decisions as to which dispute resolution process to choose.

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Negotiation Journal Special Issue: Effects of Trump's Presidency on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

From the State of the Union, to the State of Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

In a new, timely, special issue of…


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New Book: The Palgrave Handbook of Cross-Cultural Business Negotiation

I’m very excited to share that my book, co-edited with friend and colleague Prof. Ayub Khan, has been published.

The Palgrave Handbook of Cross-Cultural Business Negotiation goes beyond ‘negotiation with a business twist.’ After covering the basics, the book focuses on the realities of contemporary international business, in which cross-cultural negotiation has become the norm rather than the exception, and in which…


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STEM Women Negotiating: Recruitment Letter for Study Participants

A Columbia University researcher is conducting a study to understand the experiences of women in the STEM professions when they negotiate. Negotiation is an important skill and necessary for performing well in the workplace. As part of this study, the researcher is conducting 60-90-minute individual interviews of women who are in one of the STEM professions (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and have

  • Less than 5 years work…

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ACR seeks Executive Director

The Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) is seeking a dynamic and creative Executive Director to lead and enhance the organization. ACR is a non-profit membership association committed to educational activities that promote peaceful, effective conflict resolution, both nationally and internationally.

The Executive Director, as an outside Contractor, will work closely with an active Board of Directors and will have a key role in being responsive to the needs of membership,…


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ODR for All!

In ODR for All, put out on Mediate.come, David Larson and Lainey Feingold explain the need for Online Dispute Resolution systems to be designed with digital accessibility and disability accommodation in mind, right from the start. 

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Summer Institute on Intercultural Communication with Michelle LeBaron & Karenjot Randhawa

Check out this workshop, entitled "Eye of the storm: Facilitating complex conversations in the midst of tumult," which will be given on July 16th-20th in Portland, Oregon. Flyer.pdf

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Call for Proposals: Grad Student Research at ACR Annual Conference

Call for Proposals

Graduate Student Research Panels at

Association for Conflict Resolution

2018 Annual Conference…


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Getting to Yes Exercise: A Trisolan Map

Once you have finished reading the assigned material from Getting to Yes, conduct the 'A Trisolan Map' exercise.

This exercise is designed to help you make the jump from understanding the innovative method you have learned to actually applying it - before you engage in negotiation simulations or in any real-life negotiations you have going on in your life right now.

This exercise has the benefits of being ungraded, and a solo activity (as opposed to the…


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Build your negotiation counterpart a bridge to your side through use of Social Intuition

We’ve long known that to be a successful negotiator , it isn't enough to come up with a good offer. Great negotiators are able to engage their counterpart’s attitudes, emotions, and thinking patterns. Some of this has been captured in discussions of ‘empathy’ and ‘emotional intelligence,’ but much of it remains ineffable. Yup - it's vague enough, to require a vague word to describe it.…

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In Rod We Trust: Politics, Talking Sticks, and the Ongoing Crisis in Conflict Resolution

When I heard the reports last week of senators, meeting in a bipartisan effort to open the government, using a talking stick, my first thought was ‘that’s cute’. My second response was a sense of disquiet, which I didn’t know to pin down. It has nothing to do with the method itself – I’ve used talking objects myself; in fact, I’ve used them in working…


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Negotiating via Text Messaging

We all negotiate via text messaging.

Perhaps, for some, this only occurs on the fringes of negotiation: a request to move the venue of a meeting, or to correct a typo on a contract. Others may recognize that they have negotiated the sale of a car or a house, elements of a job offer, or even professional negotiations through this medium. Certainly, many of the family-and-friends -related interactions that texts on negotiations use as examples are now conducted via text.  



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Negotiation via Videoconferencing

Negotiation via videoconferencing is finally gaining steam – but there has been very little written about negotiating successfully over this media.

In this new paper, a chapter in Chris Honeyman and Andrea Kupfer Schneider’s forthcoming The Negotiator’s…


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Technology is changing negotiators... and negotiation

Always nice when your work gets picked up by Harvard! Below is an article in the June 2017 issue of PON's Negotiation Briefings.

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Seeking Pasta Wars Translations!

Many of you have participated in the Pasta Wars simulation, and I've shared it, in the past, on ADRHub. Some of you have been kind enough to write (on the Hub, or privately) of your own work with the the simulation. So, I turn to you as I seek to make the simulation accessible by a wider group of educators and trainers.

I know many people have used this Prisoners Dilemma simulation-game in different…


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