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Take the Silk Road, till you hit the I-95

I’m starting this summarizing post on my way home, travelling from Beijing to Istanbul over an airborne version of the ancient Silk Road – the trade routes which have connected China and the West over the past couple of millennia. I certainly do feel that I have been on a trading run - I came with full bags of goods and left with bags of other goods – but the details of the transaction, the content of the saddlebags, are yet to be explored.

So far as the conference itself is…


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Putting it to the test: Judging a Chinese student negotiation competition

Over the weekend, conference participants had the opportunity to serve as judges in the 3rd Annual China University English Language Negotiation Competition.

Teams of students from eight universities squared off against each other in four rounds of negotiation, using simulations spanning a wide spectrum of topics. Judges observed the negotiations and scored parties on process issues and outcome.

As a judge, I was surprised and impressed. Surprised, at the fact that…


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Back to School: Inside a Chinese Law School Negotiation Class

 I felt right at home in Peking University’s School of Law. Perhaps this is because so much of my own law school experience seemed to me to be going on, at times, in Chinese. Alternatively this may be due to Andrew and Vivian’s skillful and…


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Managing Tempests with Teacups


As the Rethinking Negotiation Teaching conference opened in Beijing today, participants were offered to partake in breakout activities in three tracks aiming to anchor the conference around a local perspective: Chinese law, education in China and Chinese culture.  


I chose to participate in the latter. In this blog, I’ll share a description and some insights from two activities led by Andrew Wei-Min Lee and Feng Ying Yu, directors of Beijing-based…


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Negotiating my way to China


I’m writing this blog in an airport lounge, waiting for the first leg (Tel-Aviv to Istanbul) of my journey to China. I’m on my way to the third, and final, conference of the Second Generation Negotiation Teaching Project to be held in Beijing over the course of the next week or so.


The conferences in this project have been moving steadily…


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