ACR Blog Radio - High Conflict Parenting, Technology, and Conflict Resolution (Annual Conference Workshop sneak peek!)

Tune in Wednesday, July 10th at 4:30 pm Eastern time for our upcoming show featuring an  ACR Annual Conference Workshop Preview - Sherrill Hayes' session "High conflict parenting, technology, and conflict resolution: Does technology make parenting coordination possible?"

It is easy to point to all the ways that poorly worded emails, misinterpreted text messages, and calls that go straight to voicemail can  exacerbate inter parental conflict. This is especially problematic as the expectations for being accessible are higher than ever in a generation of parents that is increasingly filled with "digital natives". This means it is more important than ever for family conflict resolution professionals to learn to use technology to their advantage and teach CR skills in a digital environment.

Enter the role of parenting coordinators. PCs engage longer term with some of the most extreme cases of parental conflict in an attempt to help implement parents plans. This means they have many opportunities to see parents at their worst, engage with a range of professionals working with families, and design communication plans that affect longer term change between parents. Through his research on and practice as a parenting coordinator, Dr. Hayes will discuss the unique role that technology plays in the facilitation of positive parenting relationships using technology as a primary medium of communication.

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