First, before anyone goes on the attack against me, this is not my title or my article. I came across it at  Have a read of the snippet below.  Thoughts?

No man would ever say – at least in print or mixed company – that women are bad at negotiating for money and power because no guy wants to be drop-kicked to the proverbial curb for being a sexist pig. That, and it's pretty ridiculous to suggest that women can't negotiate for more money or more power – just ask Martha Stewart, Oprah Winfrey or Sheryl Sandberg. Still, women seem to say or suggest it quite often.

..."There has been a sizeable amount of research on this topic, and it does appear that women are more hesitant to negotiate than men, and that when they do negotiate they are less likely to make the first offer, and when they do make the first offer and counter offers, they're less extreme offers than the ones made by men," says Robin Pinkley, a professor of management and organizations at SMU Cox School of Business in Dallas and the author of "Get Paid What You're Worth." Pinkley, along with several other female academics, is also in the beginning stages of writing a book about negotiating for women.

The the full article [HERE].

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Comment by Mihaela Kobjerowski on July 8, 2013 at 11:50pm
Let me start with he good. Some of the tips (e.g., negotiate on behalf of your children) are useful.
And now the bad. The biggest problem with this artcile is that it basically says, we will treat women equally when they behave according to "normal" ( read, majority, therefore, men) standards of behavior. In other words, if blacks streighten and bleach their hair, they're ok. If gay marry heterosexual and have kids, they can do whatever.


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