Edinburgh: Conflict Resolution Capital... of the World?

It was very interesting to see Edinburgh, Scotland is trying to market itself as the global location for people to visit to resolve their conflicts.  Sure, one might think of New York City, Paris, or Geneva, but why not?

from the article:

KEY players from opposing sides in conflicts around the world would be brought together in Edinburgh under a plan to make the Capital a location of choice for peace talks.

The plans have been compared to the Edinburgh Conversations of the 1980s, in which meetings between representatives of America and the Soviet Union aimed at ending the Cold War were held.

Former Lord Provost George Grubb has worked with academics, faith groups and others to develop the Edinburgh Peace Initiative.

He hosted a conference at the City Chambers in October attended by 150 people from all over the world, including troublespots such as Darfur and Sudan.

He said: “The idea behind it all is Edinburgh as a safe city. If people were in a dispute or conflict situation, Edinburgh would be a safe place for them to come and resolve those differences.”

...In the 1980s, Edinburgh was the venue for a series of meetings that arguably played a significant role in the ending of the Cold War.

Read more: http://www.scotsman.com/edinburgh-evening-news/latest-news/group-pu... 

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