I don’t often “click here” when someone posts an article on Facebook, but when I saw the topic of a recent article posted by a friend, I just had to see what it was all about. It was called “What If All I Want Is a Mediocre Life?’, and it had me intrigued.

The question on the table was this: Is it enough to be a pretty good wife (husband), Mother (Father), Sister (Brother), Community Member, etc.? Or do I need to be all of that PLUS the CEO of a company, the BEST at whatever sport I’m doing, and the smartest person in the room? (oh, with rock-hard abs).


The problem the author points out, of course, is that it’s exhausting, stressful, and just about impossible to do all that. And, when we join the crowd that’s always “doing” and “achieving” and “busy,” we always neglect something else in our lives.

Ironically, if you’re the best at one thing, you’re probably pretty bad at something else.

So it goes with children, too (gasp!). My 12 year-old tennis player wants to play in high school and college, but has no desire to “go pro” or even try. Is she limiting her potential by being realistic and not dreaming of a professional tennis career? Or is she making room for something more in her life?

For those of you who know me, I’ve been a go-getter since birth – but, I also took nearly nine years off to stay home and raise infants and toddlers. Mediocre? I think not. Balance? Ah, yes.

Let’s all give ourselves a break – slowing the pace and deciding NOT to exhaust ourselves trying to be something we don’t want to be anyway isn’t “mediocre.” And, it’s not “opting out.” It’s just living.


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