Peace builders have to be willing to get vulnerable in their marketing.

In a professional field, dominated by people familiar—and comfortable—with the way that influence, quality, and communication, worked under Industrial Revolution rules, this can be a difficult process to emabark upon.

Peace builders of all kinds—conflict resolution professionals, coaches, mediators, facilitators, attorneys, social workers, and on and on—are facing world where their permission to market to an audience is no longer granted at mass, and where technology gives anyone—including potential clients—the tools to change the rules.

It is important to note however, that perfection, exactitude, and quality are considered differently now than they were in the past that many peace builders were trained in.  A peace builder at a conference where I was presenting about marketing for peace builders, asked me a question directly related to concerns around quality in marketing and content creation:

“How can you write a blog post that’s ‘just good enough’ when that is out there and it could show the quality of your work to a potential client?”

Good question.

The answer to it is three fold:

  • The path from “good enough” to “perfect” has nothing to do with a potential client’s perception of the work. It has to do with the peace builder's perception of what they have created, no matter if that is a blog post, a podcast episode, or a live streamed video.
  • In a world of endless noise and multiple information options, the higher work is not to be bound to an old idea of “quality” based on rules that no longer apply. Instead, quality is now buttressed by peace builders having the courage to get “out there in a world full of noise with commitment, consistency, and persistence,” and make their peace building argument to potential clients in language they understand.
  • The audience decides or the audience doesn’t, but the depth and breadth of the audience has expanded by leaps and bounds. No longer are peace builders bound to using television ads, billboards, editorials, and word-of-mouth referrals, and hoping that the next client will come. Now peace builders have an expanded audience to whom they can appeal (see the Chris Anderson idea of the Long Tail for more details) and with 6.5 billion people on the planet, the audience for the savvy, vulnerable peace builder is global, not local.

But before doing any of this, before writing one blog post, or making one video, peace builders have to be willing to throw away professional fear, the need for reassurances, their preconceived expectations of what the market will look at as quality, and dance courageously with vulnerability to market effectively.

It can be hard as a peace builder to get vulnerable without some sort of guide.

But I’ve written a book describing best practices, skills, and techniques that I’ve used to get vulnerable in my marketing and to attract paying clients for peace.

It's available NOW and all you have to do is click on the link below my signature line to start getting vulnerable for peace in your business development today!

-Peace Be With You All-

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