After going through six family Christmas gatherings and a new years party with friends, I began to realize that I say the same thing...alot. Sometimes they are cliches while other sayings are my own. Even at work, every customer that leaves is left with a "have a good one." It seems that when I think about what I am saying, I can easily pick the words that show empathy and care. However, it is the times that are habitual that I easily slip back to the generic unconcerned conversation. My goal is simple, I want to be able to have individualized concern for each person I have a conversation with. I want to keep eye contact, letting each person know I am talking to them because I want to talk to them, and not because I am trying to pass the time.


So what do you do to monitor your conversational habits? Or do you have any other new years resolutions you would like to share?


Here's to a great 2011, and improving our communication and mediation skills.



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