This is a quick guide to show how easy it is to post your blog posts from another site (your main blog) and increase your exposure while sharing your great content with a wider audience.  What is important to note is that you can post many postings at the same time and have them go live at a date determined by you. 

Also, as you will see below, we ( encourage you to include a link to the location where it was originally published.



(Preliminary: make sure you have created an account for!)

Step 1: Log into your website/blog (I am showing hosted by WordPress) and go to "edit" for the post you want to add to your ADRhub blog.

Step 2: Click the "HTML" tab (highlighted in green).  It will show a bunch of characters and letters that don't make sense.  Don't worry! :)

Highlight the entire post, then "right click" (while it is still highlighted), and then press "copy."

Step 3: In a new window, go to and sign in (if you haven't already).

Step 4:  Click "blogs" and then click on "+add" (highlighted in green).

Step 5: Now click the "HTML" tab (highlighted in green), move your mouse over into the area where you would write the text.  "Right click" and press paste.  All the funny looking text will appear (it is the stuff you copied in step two).

Step 6: Click the "Visual Mode" (highlighted in green) tab to see how the post will look.  Make any changes needed include typing at  the top "Originally posted at  

Step 7: Scroll done to add your keywords in the "tags" section (highlighted in green) and if you want the post to be published in the future, pick the date and time (inside the blue circle).  Then click "publish" (orange circle).

That's all!

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