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Ok...you got me, the saying is actually "Rome wasn't built in a day" so I changed it to something more relevant; "Rapport wasn't built in a day."  Right? Well, here's the thing...I don't really believe that either... Rapport can be built with someone within the first 5 minutes (Not a scientific fact...but something that I know). So I reached out to my community to get some ideas on how they build rapport, and here is what they said:

Chris_Eh_Young: Be helpful, be courteous, be a connector ConceptCrucible: Patience and listening, I think DrMarkKubert: You get to know them.  One sentence and one action at a time
Aboutthisfamily: By actually listening to what they have to say
TheKarltopia: Wine/beer/food/cake, lots of it!
SteveBentleyCFP: By building a relationship, listening and doing what you say you are going to do
Some great ideas eh?  Here are some other ones:

There is some great advice here.  Thanks to Eyelight Inc, Jehan Watson, Kevin Magee, and Brian Keith Ellis for adding there thoughts as well.

So what do you think? How do you build rapport? Any tricks up your sleeves?

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