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"We're just going to keep going, we're not going to stop" - Scott Stratten
A few weekends ago I went on a youth retreat.  The theme was "Back to the Basics" and required all participants to leave computers, phones, Ipods, etc. at home.  When I heard this part, I started shaking...a whole weekend without a computer and a phone?  What was I going to do?  I couldn't go on Twitter or Facebook what was I going to do?  But while I was at the retreat I it really hit me:
"Being a big deal isn't a big deal, if we're not a big deal to the people we love" - Scott Stratten
Scott Stratten talks primarily about social media, and building relationships on social media as a way to market your business. Scott is a "fairly big deal on a fairly relevant social media site" and he gave this talk at a TedX in Oakville (See video below), it's a little different then the keynotes he gives, but I love this video.  I've watched it many, many times.


It is a great reminder to be present with those around you.  One thing that the weekend retreat really reminded me of was my goal to be present wherever I went.  I'll repeat that....to be present wherever I went.  What does that mean?  Give undivided attention, take genuine interest, show the talker that I'm listening.

We all have relationships, they could be with our spouse, kids, co-workers, friends, family, etc.  But how can we strengthen them?  How can we show them that they are important enough to us? How can we slow down and be present?

1.  One small thing a week: Do one small thing for that person a week.  It could be grabbing them a coffee at the office, it could be vacuuming at home without  being Voluntold, it could be dropping by a friend's house just to say hi.

2. Carve out Time: Spend intentional time with someone.  Go on a man-date, take your spouse out, sit in the office and have coffee during break.  Be present, be intentional.

3. Put away your Technology: Put down your computer, turn your phone off (or on silent), take your headphones off, and listen.  Listen to what the person has to say.  Truly give a crap about the person you are with and give them your undivided attention.

Ok...now, put away your phone, close the other tabs on your computer, and listen to Scott's message and apply it to your life.

Keep Going Until We Stop - Scott Stratten


Do you have more tips on how to carve out time for the relationships in your life?  Leave a comment with what you do!

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