Whether it be (and certainly not limited to) Ask, Bing, Google, or Yahoo, I’ll quickly admit that there is not a lack of viable search engines on the Web. One might think that there would be little room to improve upon established search engines. However, the rapid evolution and adoption of media and communication forms, especially social networking sites, provides a new opportunity to bridge the gap between established and emerging sources of information.

Welcome Spezify!, a new research tool that mixes all media types and makes no difference between blogs, videos, real time messages, sounds or images. By using Spezify, you have a new opportunity to diversify your search results, breaking away from the structured and optimized results of more mainstream search engines. And, maybe more importantly, Spezify creates an interactive visualization of your keywords.

So, what does “Alternative Dispute Resolution” look like? Check it out [here].

The next time you find yourself stuck with the same search results, give Spezify a try...at the very least, put in your name and check out your digital footprint.

A thanks goes out to Campus-ADR Tech Weblog for sharing the new research tool.

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Comment by Jeff Thompson on November 21, 2010 at 9:39pm

First reaction- wow! Information overload. And that's from someone who likes to multi-task while multi-tasking :)

It's not that I don't like it either but just "wow" for now. One thing I did notice was when clicking on an image, it just expands the image instead of brining me to the site (like I thought/expected).

How do you like it?
Comment by Eric Cissell on November 21, 2010 at 10:40pm
I'm not suggesting that Spezify will replace my use of standard search engines. I definitely agree that the results are a visual explosion...a bit overwhelming. But, after using it a couple times, I enjoy that it continues to return something different than I would find on a Google, Bing, or Yahoo search--while avoiding clicking through multiple pages of results.

The search results are a bit of a grab bag...but again, I value the diversification of results. And, by pulling in social network posts, the tool may help researchers better understand what is trending for a particular topic.

I found that you are able to go directly to the site. When you initially click on the image, it will expand and then a button on the bottom right will be available to bring you to the original site.


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