Star Wars, Negotiation, and Conflict Resolution - Together, they Are

Negotiate for a living? Resolve conflict? Manage teams? Responsible for relationships within and outside of your company? Work with people? Fight sometimes?

I've got the book for you.

Oh, one more thing. You need to like Star Wars.

I said "like", ok? Not as in, "Class-12 supernerd Jedi". But, you know, you've seen a movie or three, remember some of the characters, know who Luke's father is. [You don't have to speak like Yoda occasionally when you think nobody's listening, or attempt to sound like Chewbacca when you need to let off steam. To judge, who am I?] 

Star Wars and Conflict Resolution is a two-way ride. Experts in negotiation and conflict resolution explain scenes, conversations, and characters from the movies as they've never before been explained. And, as they introduce negotiation and conflict dynamics in Star Wars, they describe how they play out in our own galaxy as well, and make suggestions for how we can do better at negotiating and managing our conflicts.

The book is perfect for anyone who works with people, or works in conflict. That's right: lawyers, mediators, managers, doctors, nurses, customer service, negotiators, and many more. Also, parents, am I right (or, is it just my kids?)? 

[Also, half my reason for creating it was to explain to my family and friends who couldn't understand my job as a professional negotiator and mediator just what I did for a living. Sound familiar? If so, just so you know: this book does the trick. If I were really hawking it, I'd probably even add that if you order it soon it will arrive in time for the holidays. But this *isn't* that sort of post. ]

If you somehow don't work with people and also never fight, you know someone who does. And, more generally, if you have a Star Wars person in your life this book is for them.

I co-edited Star Wars and Conflict Resolution together with Jennifer Reynolds, a professor at University of Oregon School of Law University of Oregon. It was published by the amazing DRI Press at Mitchell Hamline School of Law, specializing in books on negotiation and dispute resolution. It includes contributions from Rachel ViscomiThomas FreemanDeborah CaiEmily CaiDanielle Blumenberg, MS NCRJoshua WeissGert-Jan LelieveldWelmer MolenmakerAdrian BorbélyBruno André GiraudonTariel Sikharulidze, PhD.R. Tyler Spradley, PhDElizabeth SpradleySherrill HayesImre SzalaiC. Scott MaravillaDeborah EisenbergHillary Anger ElfenbeinWilliam BottomJoseph AllenEmilee Eden [and others without a LinkedIn page :-)]. Check 'em out; they know their stuff. And, they know their Star Wars. Combined, they could take on the whole Empire themselves, and bring peace and justice to the galaxy in no time.

But don't take it from me. Here are some nice things people have said about the book - coming at it from both the Star Wars side, and the negotiation and conflict resolution side.

Star Wars may have taken place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, but the insights of the chapter authors in this book could not be more relevant today…. Star Wars and Conflict Resolution is a brilliant idea for a book. These editors are my kind of scum!”  Kevin S. Decker, Co-editor, Star Wars and Philosophy (vols I, II , and III)

“A must-read for any Jedi in training - or managers searching for an accessible and fun but science-based book on conflict resolution.”  - Dr. Alfred Zerres, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior, University of Amsterdam  

"Looking to another galaxy long ago and far, far away, this remarkable book shows how words, not weapons, win peace in our galaxy today.” - William Irwin, General Editor of the Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series  

“…whether you have watched the films dozens of times or you know Yoda only from popular culture – you will be rewarded with gems of insight.”   - Michelle LeBaron, Professor of Law, University of British Columbia 

 “Even for someone who dislikes pretty much everything Star Wars, I find this book to be a well-written and accessible introduction to the evidence-based science of negotiation and conflict management. And if you like Star Wars then even better!”   ---Bruce Barry, Vanderbilt University, Brownlee O. Currey, Jr., Professor of Management

“…This book shows why the Jedi Academy should have taught mediation, and how we could use this assisted negotiation process in our own lives. It also reminds us to always feel the Force!” - Rosa Abdelnour, Mediator, Costa Rica

 “When we experience conflict, it’s easy to go to “the Dark Side” and let anxiety, uncertainty, and discomfort take control of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. In this insightful and enjoyable read, the authors share concrete and helpful perspectives for anyone trying to get better at managing difficult people and tricky situations. (On second thought, Do or Do Not. There is no try.)"  ---Deborah Grayson Riegel, Author of “Overcoming Overthinking: 36 Ways to Tame Anxiety for Work, School, and Life” and adjunct professor at Columbia Business School and Wharton Business School


If this book is the droid you are looking for, enjoy it! When you're done with it, hand it to a friend. Check out more of what we’re doing at  and follow us on Twitter @StarWarsConRes or on any of our social media to hear news of new books and fun events.

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