STEM Women Negotiating: Recruitment Letter for Study Participants

A Columbia University researcher is conducting a study to understand the experiences of women in the STEM professions when they negotiate. Negotiation is an important skill and necessary for performing well in the workplace. As part of this study, the researcher is conducting 60-90-minute individual interviews of women who are in one of the STEM professions (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and have

  • Less than 5 years work experience;
  • Between 10-15 years work experience;
  • More than 25 years organizational work experience.

It does not need to be the same organization for that duration of time, but collectively. 

The researcher is from Columbia University and teaches negotiation in a masters level program and externally in organizational contexts. Each interview will take about 60-90 minutes, done over Zoom. The participants will be asked some questions related to negotiation and will be asked to use some communication models as part of the interview. The results will be anonymous and no information identifying the participants directly to the results will be made.

As a follow-up to the interview, the researcher may request another brief conversation to ensure the information captured is represented accurately. In turn, the participant may also request a follow-up conversation in case there is something else she thought of and wanted to include or if she wanted to further clarify points made. An informed consent form waiver will be given and you will be asked to verbally agree to participate in this study.

If you are interested in participating in this study or referring participants, please contact Beth Fisher-Yoshida at or 347-255-9824

Thank you for your participation.

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