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Mediate.com has support my blog, www.EnjoyMediation.com, since it started.  Recently I notice how I was unable to log into my favorite feature- the featured blog postings of the week.  No, it was not (solely!) to see if my blog made but rather I think the one of the best ways to keep up to date on the latest mediation news as well as get insight from some of the sharpest mediation minds, all in once place, is this section on Mediate.com.


For those wondering, why is appearing on a 'rival' site here at ADRhub.com, well firstly we are not necessarily direct rivals.  This leads to #2- ADRhub.com is a resource for news for the conflict resolution field.  As an individual, I was not sure was what going with Mediate.com.  As the admin of ADRhub.com, now that I have the answers fro Jim Melamed, owner of Mediate.com, I feel it is the job of Mediate.com to pass along this information.






I saw some twitter banter recently regarding the "restricted" visibility of Mediate.com Featured Blogs.  My goal here is to clarify things.

First off, there are certain features at Mediate.com that we provide to paying members or subscribers only.  These features are the most time-consuming and professionally focused ongoing consolidations of valuable information.  These features include such Mediate.com Sections as:

You can review all Mediate.com Sections at www.mediate.com/Sections and see that Mediate.com remains generally "open access," certainly for "public interest information."

In the limited cases of "protected professional information," there is typically a valuable (and time consuming) ongoing editorial consolidation of up to date information and, in most cases, also a deep archive to maintain.  Comprehensive access to all Mediate.com content is readily available with either a MediateInside Subscription ($9/mo or $99/yr) or with a Mediate.com Premium Membership ($19/mo or $199/yr - this also includes a complete directory listing also).  See www.mediate.com/Membership

Critically, I want to note that nearly all of this "protected professional information" is in fact also available for free at Mediate.com by approaching things in a somewhat different way.  For example, you will see that all protected information is also freely available at our Main Content Search Page (www.mediate.com/Search.cfm) and from Author Pages.

So, for example, each of your and every other featured blogger's (and author's) entire library of Mediate.com postings are available at your respective Author Pages:

Further, you will also see at our Main Content Search Page (www.mediate.com/Search.cfm) that any text, topic or author search can be designated to include Blog and News items.

So, the bottom line here is that blog, news, video and other protected information is still openly available at Mediate.com.  You just need to know how to find it!

For our ongoing, time-consuming consolidations of professional content, we are realistically asking the professional mediation community to support Mediate.com with a contribution of only $9/mo or $99/yr for a MediateInside subscription .  For those who desire accessing Mediate.com for free, that is also fine. You just need to work a little bit harder (a couple of more mouse clicks anyway) to find what you want.

Behind all of this is our (and every other valued content provider, e.g., Wall Street Journal, NY Times) interest in finding sustainable models to continue and expand our work.  

I hope that this information is helpful in assisting everyone to access the Mediate.com information you desire.  For those who are interested in supporting our efforts, your paid MediateInside Subscription or Premium Membership is most appreciated.   See www.mediate.com/Membership

Thanks for your time and consideration!

Best to all,

Jim Melamed, CEO
for Mediate.com



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