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Yesterday I did a "photo shoot" for some pictures for my website/twitter/facebook and I was constantly smiling for these pictures! Also, my son over the past month or so has started to smile LOTS! He is constantly smiling and spreading his joy to us (as parents) and to our family and friends.

Recently I read two great articles; one by Jeff Thompson called "How far can a smile go?" and one by Steve Mehta called "Smile for your health, wealth, and happiness" Jeff talks about how smiling can create a great atmosphere and Steve talks about some recent research that has been presented (Check out their posts, I'm sure you will love them like I did!).

This morning I was catching up on my blogs and I was reading this article by Amanda Bucklow and came across a great video by Nic Askew (see below)

SMILE from Nic Askew on Vimeo.

I love this quote that is shown in this video:
"We have a need for certanity/so we presume that we know/that we control/that we're in control.
But perhaps it's our assumption that we'll be here tomorrow that keeps us from our capacity to live

And from our capacity to smile without reason"
Smiling can make all the difference to people. A good smile can brighten someone's day. An honest smile can warm a soul.

"What comes first? The smile or the things in life to smile about?"

What makes you smile? :) Let us know by leaving a comment below :);

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