Dan Simon- Professor Rachel Monaco-Wilcox of Mount Mary University reviewed Transformative Mediation:  A Sourcebook and found that it was accessible to non-mediators and helpful to anyone interested in conflict.  You can read her whole review in my latest blog entry here.

Jillian Post- As I prepare to become a conflict specialist,  I will be charged with the task of listening ... really, deeply listening. Conflict specialists in any discipline are not to guess of the content of someone’s conflict. We are to understand and to do that we need to listen and then ask the right questions so we can more fully understand.

I have been observing the sound bites, blogs, posts, news stories, conversations, and bewilderment of all, about why Adam Lanza shot 28 people dead.

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Namaste, Ravi Shankar....on sitars, the Beatles,

and mentors.

Brad Heckman- Virtuoso sitarist Ravi Shankar passed away this week.  George Harrison called him the father of world music, for introducing the sitar to the west...

...and to the Beatles.  I recently gave a presentation on the Beatles and conflict resolution at the Cardozo Law School Journal of Conflict Resolution Symposium, using a bunch of my drawings.  I'll write a series of illustrated posts on this, starting with this homage to two great artists we lost too soon.

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Cinnie NobleThe expression “what is on the lung is on the tongue” causes me to smile, as my mother used to say it about people who say whatever is on their mind – uncensored, unthinkingly, and impulsively. When I searched for an explanation of the derivation and meaning of this expression, I could not find it anywhere. Considering that perhaps my mother came up with the expression gave me even more reason to smile. Knowing her it would appeal to her that she made a rhyming commentary on the nature of some people she knew. I think actually, that my mother may have at times wished to be one of those people who said whatever was on her mind!

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Happy Holidays from the Association for Conflict Resolution Hawaii ...

The More You Mediate, The More You Learn - and Want to Learn

NEW BOOK: “European Mediation Training for Practitioners of Justice...

The United Nations International Law Fellowship Programme

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