What's Happening in Conflict Resolution [07.01.14]

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Peaceful Conflict R-E-S-O-L-U-T-I-O-N

The Olive Branch Blog- Today’s blog is dedicated to whoever created the graphic upon which it is based. I don’t know who you are, so I can’t give you credit. I stumbled upon your thoughts while doing an Internet search for another post.

The work was entitled “Peaceful Conflict Resolution’ and it’s a great reminder of the fundamentals to working things out. I tweaked one of the ideas a bit and want to thank-you very much for your work – however you are.

R Respect each other.
E Express your feelings.

Read more [HERE].

Cinnie Noble- The expression “fed up” has several meanings. One source states: “To have had more than enough of something or someone, or to be bored with or tired of the same.” The same source says that the expression dates back to the early 19th century when reportedly “the languid aristocracy were compared to farm animals that were force fed to make them plump for market”.

The phrase later became part of the general parlance in the late 19th century and was sometimes emphasized graphically in the extended forms 'fed up to the eyeballs', or 'fed up to the back teeth'.

This week’s blog further explores this phrase – fed up -...

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Not engaging with commercial conflict: Alicante, Kigali, Tbilisi

- Last month was a busy one spent working on three very diverse projects in different parts of the world. On reflection it is interesting that all three projects in part involved the same issue: how to get those in conflict to engage in the resolution of their own conflicts rather than avoiding it or giving it to someone else to resolve.

This is one of the enduring mysteries in my nineteen years of working in this field. If ADR processes are so beneficial to disputants, why don’t they voluntarily use them in greater numbers?

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Federal Circuit Holds Mediator Violated Duty of Disclosure (from Patentlyo.com)

ICC Launches 2014 Mediation Rules in North America (from iccwbo.org)

Singapore's new mediation centre and court will cater for growing d... (from out-law.com)

Quick Tip: Hostage Negotiator's Tone of Voice (Most read from last week)

Do You Already Have the Skills to Be a Top Class Mediator?

Jason Cromwell- Maybe you are thinking of becoming a mediator but aren’t sure whether you could learn the skills necessary for this role. Well, perhaps we could start by considering whether you already have the skills needed to be a success. The following are some that you might have picked up in the past, no matter what careers you have followed up until now. 

Events, Articles, Jobs & More

Enhance Cross-Cultural Understanding - Host an Exchange Student Spo...

Free Forgiveness Mini-Workshops

Job: FDIC Internal Ombudsman Specialist Job Announcement

Poverty & Peacemaking Conference at Princeton University

Patricia M PorterThe Texas Conflict Coach® Blog Talk Radio program announces the following episodes starting in the month of July held every Tuesday night from 5:00-5:30 pm PST/7:00-7:30 pm CST/8:00-8:30 pm EST. 

During the month of July, please enjoy these previously recorded shows. We will return live every Tuesday night beginning August 5, 2014. Enjoy the summer!

July 1st:  A Look Back at Hurricane Katrina


July 8th:  Community Mediation:  Empowerment and Dialogue

July 15th:  Coexistence and Conflict

July 22nd:  Emotional Intelligence Skills for Today's Workplace-Part 1

July 29th:  Your Brain on Conflict: "Resistance is Fertile"


Read more about each episode [HERE]. 

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