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Noam Ebner- Preparing for, and participating in, Cyberweek this past October (and recuperating from it reflectively afterwards), I was struck by how ODR is constantly expanding. This seems to be a seasonal thing, as I get this feeling every Cyberweek. New people are always involved, new platforms and new thinking.

However, those of us who experienced the slow and furious pace of ADR growth know that there is a huge difference between a field’s expansion, a field’s acceptance, and a field’s mainstreaming.

To a large extent, the only one of these three that ODR professionals and academics can directly affect in a powerful manner is the field’s expansion: We can build better platforms (well, not me, but you get my meaning), design better processes, think of new areas for implementation, and more.
To a lesser degree, we can affect the field’s acceptance by the public...[Read More]
Robert A. Baruch Bush- The Association for Conflict Resolution
and the Institute for the Study of Conflict Resolution announce:

Answers to your Questions about Transformative Mediation,
in 24 Essays by Expert Practitioners and Scholars [
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Jason Dykstra (Featured ADRhub writer)- I spend a lot of time listening these days. I have to tell you, it's awesome. I also am starting to write a fair amount about listening on this blog and on Twitter as well. So why do I spend time writing and speaking (ironic isn't it?) on listening?
Because there is a true art to listening...

[Read More]


Kelly S. & Jeff Thompson- I work with the awesomest clients but keep running into these payment issues. They get busy in their work and put the payments on a back-burner. It is not their fault but it does hurt our cash flow.
There are a few ways that you can speed up the payment process, making certain clients easier to work with.
1. Payment Plans...
Visit the group [HERE] for more valuable information
Join host Jeff Thompson and Nebraska Mediation Association's current President, Bryan Hanson (also Werner Institute Assistant Director), as they discuss the NME.
Topics include using new technology to engage and train its members, continuing mediation education and how to be an effective organization serviing mediators.
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