Principles into Practice, the theme for the 2016 conference reflects a re-commitment by conflict resolution practitioner and the Association for Conflict Resolution to the practical application of our principles as we carry out our respective processes. This means understanding the foundational theories, enhancing our application through skill building and adhering to the appropriate standards of conduct and best practice. The goal of the 2016 Annual Conference is to provide each attendee high quality sessions that focus on theory, application, ethics and best practices, no matter their experience level. 

We challenge you to think creatively. Consider how a session you would propose might advance the thinking in one or more of the following areas:

*Share ideas and best practices. What approaches work well in your practice? What new insights do you have that would suggest a different action or direction? What best practices can be identified?

* Highlight innovations. What innovative practices are you employing? How do you effectively utilize current media and technologies in conflict engagement and resolution? What new collaborations are emerging in your area of work?

* Consider research areas that benefit the field. What are connections between theory and practice? What research findings and lessons for practitioners have benefited your work? How can researchers and practitioners work together to advance the field?

* Explore similarities and possibilities for interaction across practice areas. What work illuminates the common ground or alliances among different practice areas of ACR? What information or methods can be shared to assist practitioners working in different contexts? How have you diversified your area of work?

The Call for Proposals closes on January 7, 2016 at 12 midnight (EST). Proposals submitted after this date and time will not be considered. Only complete submissions will be eligible for consideration.  

Notification of acceptance or rejection of a proposal will be given no later than March 24, 2016.

For questions regarding this Call for Proposals contact the ACR Office at 202.780.5999.

Start your submission process [HERE]. 

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