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Thanks to all for a wonderful Cyberweek. The conference in its entirety will remain available for discussion and reflection here on the ADRHub.

Welcome to Cyberweek 2012!!

It is our pleasure as the Cyberweek planning committee to once again bring you a fascinating week of conversations and exploration of all things related to Online Dispute Resolution. This is the third year convening this conference via the ADRHub, and the 15th iteration of Cyberweek since it was first conceptualized by the folks at the National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution (NCTDR). Each year these conversations delve deeper and help to expand the world of Online Dispute Resolution. This year promises to do the same.


Cyberweek 2012 has expanded the number of live webinars, product demonstrations, and other engaging activities to keep you busy throughout the week. Students have the opportunity to take part in both an eMediation and ethics competition beyond the other activities. Everyone has the opportunity to experience a variety of simulations from many innovators staying ahead of the curve in online dispute resolution. Be sure to visit as many of the various activities you can as it assuredly will be worth your time.


The variety of synchronous and asynchronous activities allows hundreds of participants from around the world to participate in the manner that fits best for them, wherever they are. The following statement was true when we said it last year, and looking at the excitement around the conference this year, it appears to even more relevant today. We are in an era of accelerating change and complexity, two ingredients contributing to a need, perhaps a desperate need, for exploring new approaches to resolving conflict. Technology is undeniably a factor in the development of these new approaches.

Enjoy the week!!



There is a jam packed week of live webinars, live demonstrations, discussion forums, simulations, contests, twitter chats, and more. There are activities all week in English, Spanish, and Italian. This homepage will be updated on a daily basis highlighting engaging activities for you to participate. Please check out the links below to see the entire schedule of both.

For the full schedule of CyberWeek activities {Click Here}

To access Cyberweek en Espanol please {Click Here}

To Access Cyberweek I Italiano {Click Here}



Alternate link




We will roll out three topic based discussion forums on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Once the discussion forum opens, it will remain open for conversation throughout the week. Please do come back and check in on the flow of the conversation throughout Cyberweek.





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