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March 28 William Ury Onlive in Odr Latinoamerica

Un evento sin precedentes


El conocimiento y la experiencia de los mayores expertos mundiales en el campo de la mediación

Pre-inscripción aquí:…


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ACR Health care section

I recently learned that the Association of Conflict Resolution has a Healthcare section.  I know Creighton does a lot with their graduate NDR program and health care.  We are working on setting up some free webinars and I'm just wondering how I can share the information.  Any suggestions?

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Learn How to Diminish Digital Conflict and Cyberbullying

Cyberbulling Join us as we talk with Dan Raisbeck, co-founder of The Cybersmile Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides support and education for people who are affected by online abuse and cyberbullying. Dan talks about the work that Cybersmile does and how people can lower the risk of becoming a…


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Everything else in our lives has changed. What about negotiation?

I’ve just shared a new article, Negotiation is Changing, on SSRN. If you negotiate regularly, or teach or research negotiation, you may enjoy taking a look at it.

Over the past couple of decades, we have changed in so many ways. Think about the significant shifts in how you spend your time, interact with others, conduct your business, and engage with friends. Most of the changes are a result of the technological…


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Does Our Intent = Our Actions?

I started thinking about this blog topic because I read an article about a famous American who thought he was open to negotiation and compromise. Was he? I’m not sure. But apparently, he thought so.

Stephen Covey said that “We judge ourselves by our intentions …”  however, others don’t know anything about our intentions. They can’t read our minds. All they can observe are our…


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Courage, Curiosity and Connection Changes Communities - What is Your Part in Social Justice?

Social Justice

We often hear the term ‘social justice’ but what is it and why does it matter?

In this world where’s there’s increasing hostility towards difference, how can we be upstanders for social justice not only in the workplace but also in our family and friendship networks?

We talk to Dr.…


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What's Happening in Conflict [02/07/17]

What's Happening in Conflict Resolution" is a roundup of the all the ADR news, jobs, events and more. Check it out, and view past versions [HERE].…


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Why Do Social Media Conversations Get Ugly?

The latest blog entry explains why transformative mediation sessions are different from online conversations. Read it here.

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Videoconferenced to Room 4401 of the Grant Sawyer State Office Building,

I chose this topic for today’s post because it’s the first day of the Nevada Legislature. And I am about to be immersed in a pretty adversarial place for the next 120 days.

Many years ago,  I heard the phrase “don’t let perfect stand in the way of good” and I will admit … I wasn’t quite sure what advice a legislator was trying to give a group of us that legislative session.

However, over the years, I have learned.

The legislative process can…


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Cooking with Conflict

Gastrodiplomacy is on the rise, and I, for one, want in on it.

People tend to be more positively inclined towards a country after eating its food. As this issue of Public Diplomacy suggests, this has encouraged many countries to intentionally spread their country’s cuisine as part of the cultural outreach practiced by their embassies and consulates.…


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How To “Undramatically” Back-Out of Drama

Do you ever find yourself in the midst of “drama” you just can’t seem to escape? If you’re like a lot of my clients, you may be involved in family drama, friend drama, or (my favorite) relationship drama, some of which just seems to constantly revolve around you.

No matter how you “got into” the drama in the first place, one of the most important skills you can gain is learning how to GET OUT of the ongoing conflict – without creating even MORE drama.…


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Conflict Chat: Body Shaming and Social Media

Call_Us_Need_Help_Animated Got Conflict? If you have a conflict with someone and are not sure how to handle it, then let us know. Here is your opportunity to ask your question with Conflict Management experts who are mediators, conflict coaches, and facilitators on how to think about, analyze or resolve your situation.

Think about it. Are you currently engaged in an active conflict with your…


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Dialog position in Berlin

The Berghof Foundation in Berlin is looking for a Senior Dialogue Facilitator, for a 24 month period (extendable), starting as soon as possible. More details here:

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What happened to respectful dialogue?

It’s tiring …

listening to all of the name calling and finger pointing that is going on in the world.

What happened to respectful dialogue?

How are we supposed to address our nation’s issues if we show such disrespect for each other??

People can disagree. That’s a given. It’s human nature to have different points…


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The Eight Essential Steps to Conflict Resolution

Over the last 7 years, we have produced 304 podcasts with experts from all over the world. Each month we will feature one of these programs in our “The Best of the Past” episodes.

Got Conflict? Based on the works of Dr. Dudley Weeks, Pattie Porter, Founder, and Host, highlighted the key ingredients to conflict and the essential steps to conflict resolution based on his book…


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What's Happening in Conflict [01/24/17]


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The Courage to Listen

I remember where I was on January 28, 1986.

I had just arrived at a rural hospital in New York on a work trip when I saw the horrible video of the disintegration of the Space Shuttle Challenger. Everyone was stunned. There would be no work accomplished that day.

73 seconds after liftoff, there was…


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The Danger Of “Just Getting It Over With…”

Because I do so much work with couples in distress, it’s inevitable I’ll work with couples in the midst of a divorce. So, I’m often there from the announcement through the final paperwork, which gives me great insight into the entire process from start to finish.

One trend I see over and over again is the notion of “I just want to get this over with.” After so much turmoil, distress, and conflict, it’s not unusual for at least one partner to exhaust himself/herself and concede…


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'Isms' and Words That Help You Successfully Navigate Your Daily Life

bob-berlin1 In this program, our guest will discuss how 'isms' and words can have power in your everyday life. As an example: 'A problem well defined is half-solved'. And, what is complaining? Is it a statement of how you really feel? Or, are you boasting? Join Bob Berlin as he gives further insight to our use of words and what they really mean.…


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What's Happening in Conflict [01/17/17]


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