Welcome to CyberWeek 2011!

It is great to be back into Cyberweek mode. Exciting things are occurring in the world of ODR! It is gratifying to see the growing interest in and use of ODR in a broadening range of offline and online settings. Cyberweek 2011 is an opportunity to exchange ideas and address challenges, and the success of Cyberweek depends on your involvement. There is a great blend of practitioners, faculty members, and students to ensure a vibrant and constructive week of dialogue. If you have not engaged with us before, we look forward to your participation in discussions, webinars, simulations and other activities.

We have some exciting new activities this year including a twitter chat taking place on Wednesday evening, as well as a internet radio show dedicated to Online Dispute Resolution on Tuesday evening. Please make sure you take the time to check out as many of the engaging activities as you can. I am sure it will be worth your time.

Cyberweek is free and you can participate from any place at any time. We are in an era of accelerating change and complexity, two ingredients contributing to a need, perhaps a desperate need, for new approaches to resolving conflict. Cyberweek registrants come from all over the world and we invite the participation of all who recognize the role technology can play in preventing and resolving disputes.



We have a complete week of webinars, discussion forums, simulations, contests, twitter chats, and more. There are activities all week in bothe english and spanish. This homepage will be updated on a daily basis highlighting engaging activities for you to participate in each day. Please check out the links below to see the entire schedule of both. 

For the full schedule of CyberWeek activities

To access Cyberweek en Espanol please


Archived Webinars and Radio Show:



Ongoing Activities:

Discussion forums provide the opportunity to engage in lengthy conversations regarding various topics in the realm of ODR. We will feature special discussion topics started by leading experts in the ODR community. New discussion forums will roll out each day, but the conversation will be live throughout the week. For a complete schedule of the forums that will take place throughout the week please see the Program Schedule.


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