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Conflict Engagement and ADR in the News

The Weapon of Love: How Martin Luther King, Jr. Became Nonviolent

By Stanley Hauerwas, PhD. (01/16/17. ABC. Image from Pixabay).

In 1983, John Howard Yoder delivered thirteen lectures designed to introduce Catholics in Poland to Christian nonviolence.

He began the first lecture, "The Heritage of Nonviolent Thought and Action," with this observation:

"One of the most original cultural products of our century is our awareness of the power of organized nonviolent resistance as an instrument in the struggle for justice. One characteristic of this instrument is that its operation is often informal and decentralized. By the nature of the case it does not create institutions of great visible power. Therefore it is not easy for the historians to take account of, as they can tell the stories of military battles and the changing of regimes. Even of those who see happening some of the visible phenomena of nonviolent action are often not sufficiently aware of the history behind them to recognize that this phenomenon is not an oddity or an accident, but the product of a religious and cultural historical development."

I begin with Yoder's observation for two reasons... Click HERE to read more.


Spokane using risk assessment tool to ease jail overcrowding

By Jeff Humphrey (01/11/17;  KXLY.com. Image from Pixabay).

Spokane is hoping it can cut down on the number of people of committing crimes over and over with several new restorative justice programs.

After the city received a $1.75 million grant from the MacArther foundation in April of 2016, KXLY took a look Wednesday at how the grant is working to keep local homes and families safer.

You've heard about the revolving door at the county jail where non-violent crooks keep getting arrested, then released on a low bond, only to go out and commit more crimes and start the process all over again. Well, Spokane has hopefully come up with a new way to keep that from happening.

Up until now, when a defendant appeared in court after their arrest, Spokane judges were forced to struggle with whether or not that person could safely be released, or should be kept in custody until his or her trial.

Spokane Superior Court judge Maryann Moreno explained, “what we're really trying to do is release the right people and hold the right people. And sometimes in the past, at least for me, that's been sort of like a ouija board.”

But now, judges have a computer program to help them predict if a suspect is likely to reoffend or to be a flight risk. Click HERE to read more about the risk assessment tool.


Twenty-six Nobel Peace Laureates confirmed to attend the Bogotá summit

By Richard Emblin (January 16, 2017. The City Paper).

Twenty-six Nobel Peace Laureates from around the world will participate in the first-ever summit to be held in Latin America of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates 2017 and Bogotá the chosen city.

Organized by the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce (CCB) and the Permanent Secretariat of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates, this 16th edition takes place February 2-5 at the Corferias Exhibition Grounds and where the Laureates will share their experiences as world leaders in reconciliation and peace building. Other iconic cities that have hosted this event are Hiroshima, Berlin, Barcelona, Paris and Chicago.

A dozen entities will share their experiences with post-conflict scenarios, addressing issues such as the search for a non-conventional weapons ban, social development, climate change mitigation, and the defense of Human Rights and child protection, among others. The entities that have confirmed are UNICEF, the Institute of International Law, the International Peace Bureau, the American Friends Service Committee and International Association of Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, the International Campaign to Ban Landmines.. Click HERE to read more. 

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Two negotiations: One for peace, the other for more tension

By Berel Dedeoglu (01/17/17. Daily Sabah. Image from Pixabay)

War is the continuation of diplomacy by military means and its purpose is to ensure that when you finally sit at the negotiating table, you do so in a position of greater strength. At least this is how it was historically. In today's Middle East, things are a little bit different. Now it is time for hybrid wars, a combination of conventional, irregular and cyberwars. Peace talks and diplomatic negotiations are still being conducted in the classical manner. The only thing one may hope is that negotiations bring peace and stability, and not more conflict.
It is true that peace agreements are more lasting when great powers are directly involved in the negotiations. The international system's major powers are always more reliable when it comes to guaranteeing peace, stability and reconstruction. When they do not join in or worse, when they openly oppose a negotiation process, it is more likely that the talks will create more problems than they resolve.
That is why the upcoming talks in Astana are important for the future of Syria... Click HERE to read more about who should be at the table and why.


Approaching Mediation From Another Vantage Point

By Francine Friedman Griesing and Emily Griesing. The Legal Intellegencer (01/05/17. Verily)

Very few neutrals, arbitrators or mediators, however astute, can truly appreciate what a party is feeling in the midst of mediation or court mandated settlement conference. Similarly, even the most committed and well-meaning counsel may not be able to provide the level of emotional support or guidance a client needs in this setting as they have never walked in the client's shoes. Until you have been a party to a dispute yourself, not merely an advocate or a neutral, you may imagine, but have not experienced, the feelings of fear, anger, disappointment, frustration and confusion that parties bring to the alternate dispute resolution process. Having experienced all of the roles at play— arbitrator, mediator, defense counsel, plaintiff's counsel and finally and most critically, as a party myself, one can understand and appreciate more directly the stress parties face in this process.. Click HERE to read more.

Movie Review

Review: ' Hidden Figures' by Peter Travers HERE.

Upcoming Events

Symposium – 50 Years of Loving: Seeking Justice Through Love and Relationships

March 23-24, 2017

The Werner Institute and the 2040 Initiative
at the Creighton University School of Law
invite you to a symposium exploring how the 1967 U.S. Supreme Court decision of Loving v. Virginia has influenced society institutionally, demographically and relationally. Participants will also develop strategies for moving from thought to action by building relationships across difference.

The Creighton Law Review seeks submissions exploring issues related to this landmark case. Please visit our call for submissions page.

In partnership with Kutak Rock LLP

Register for the symposium Here



Law and Courts in an Online World - Online Dispute Resolution: The International Experience – New 88-Min Video

Started by Giuseppe Leone in General News & Articles 12 hours ago. 0 Replies

During the Sir Zelman Cowen Centre's 2016 "Law and Courts in an Online World" Conference in Melbourne, the following international panelists discussed their experiences of major Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) initiatives in Canada, the Netherlands,…Continue

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Online Peer Mediation Platform - Students Helping Each Other Across the USA - 30-min Free Webinar - January 31, 2017

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Due to lack of resources, time and staff, many schools don’t have a peer mediation program, which allows students to help each other resolve school-related conflicts.The Online Peer Mediation Platform (OPMP), a JAMS funded project, now offers an…Continue

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Introduction to Online Mediation for Experienced Face-to-Face Mediators - New 39-min Video

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016 many mediators from around the world attended “Introduction to Online Mediation”, a Free Virtual Mediation Lab webinar and demo. In 39 minutes they learned:>> What Online Mediation means and how it works>>…Continue

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Introduction to Online Mediation – Free 30-min Virtual Mediation Lab Webinar/Demo – November 29, 2016

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Are you a mediator, mediation center or ADR organization interested in online mediation? If so, Tuesday, November 29, 2016 you can attend “Introduction to Online Mediation”, a Free Virtual Mediation Lab webinar and demo. In 30 minutes you’ll…Continue

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The Importance of Personal Branding for Launching an Online Mediation Business – 70-min Video

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Online mediation can open up new business opportunities. Like any other business, however, an online mediation business requires a plan. Why? Because you need to have a clear answer to some key questions: e.g. who exactly are your prospective…Continue

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What displaced Colombians living abroad think about the peace efforts

Started by Jeff Pugh in General News & Articles Oct 6, 2016. 0 Replies

The peace deal between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrilla group was rejected by less than a 0.5 percent margin in a referendum on Oct. 2.This outcome shocked the world and defied the expectations…Continue

The Importance of Personal Branding for Launching an Online Mediation Business – Free 1-hour Webinar – October 19, 2016

Started by Giuseppe Leone in General News & Articles Oct 6, 2016. 0 Replies

Online mediation can open up new business opportunities. This is true both for experienced mediators, who already have their own practice and can now offer their services outside their city, state or country; and for online mediators who want to…Continue

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Conflict Resolution Day – Free Webinar on Online Peer Mediation – October 20, 2016

Started by Giuseppe Leone in General News & Articles Sep 30, 2016. 0 Replies

Funded by the JAMS Foundation, the Online Peer Mediation Platform (OPMP) https://goo.gl/gK45Vd is a 2-year innovative project for colleges, elementary, middle and high schools. OPMP is currently managed by the…Continue

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New Frontiers in Dispute Resolution – Arizona Association for Conflict Resolution - 80-min Video

Started by Giuseppe Leone in General News & Articles Sep 26, 2016. 0 Replies

During their September 24, 2016 membership meeting held at the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law - Arizona State University, members of the Arizona Association for Conflict Resolution (AACR) learned more about new frontiers in dispute resolution…Continue

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Free Resources on Peer Mediation Available on Online Peer Mediation Platform – 28-min Video

Started by Giuseppe Leone in General News & Articles Sep 21, 2016. 0 Replies

Here is the 28-min video of the September 21, 2016 webinar "Free Resources on Peer Mediation Available on Online Peer Mediation Platform" presented by Karen DeVoogd and Giuseppe Leone, team members of the Online Peer Mediation Platform -…Continue

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