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Weekly Conversation

ADRHub is now hosting a topic for discussion and debate!

The Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) hosts their annual conference this week in Baltimore, MD. The conference culminates on Saturday with a civic engagement town hall to discuss approaches to constructively engage communities facing civil unrest due to escalated tensions between law enforcement and minority communities.

The issues may not be new, but the age of social media provides a spotlight and voice that is unique to times of civil unrest in the past. In an effort to expand the conversation that will take place in Baltimore on Saturday, this week's topic asks

What approaches have you read about, experienced, or would you propose to increase the potential for constructive conflict engagement aimed at effectively deescalating the tensions existing in our society?

Click here to join the conversation!

Conflict Engagement and ADR in the News

Program seeks to reduce youth crime, violence

By Staff at the Courier Journal (9/26/16)

An initiative designed to help break the cycle of crime and violence committed by young adults is being expanded to a third neighborhood, Mayor Greg Fischer has announced.

The program, called REImage, is coordinated by Rashaad Abdur-Rahman, director of the city’s Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods and focuses on intervening with those who have been charged with a crime or are at high risk of criminal behavior.

Launched in September 2015 by the Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods, REimage has targeted youth in the Shawnee and Russell neighborhoods and is now expanding to include the Park Hill area... find out more about this innovative program in Kentucky here.


Schools' new 'restorative' discipline aims to keep kids in the classroom

By Cindy Huang (9/26/16 Capital Gazette picture included in story)

In the past two decades, Anne Arundel County schools have moved away from a zero-tolerance policy that's quick to punish students and dismiss extenuating circumstances. School officials plan to implement a disciplinary approach that focuses on repairing harm between offenders and the community. This fall, the school system created a new position, a school climate specialist, to start training administrators in restorative practices.

Kathy Rockefeller, who worked at the Mediation and Conflict Resolution Center at Howard Community College, will train Anne Arundel school administrators to teach students to reflect on why they fight or disobey their teachers.

Sounds like an intriguing plan. Click here to learn more!

Good Reads: Blogs, Books, and More!

To offer first or not?

By Jim Mathie (Bridgetower Media Newswire 9/26/16 Wisconsin Law Journal)

You’ve prepared for mediation as best you can. You know your strongest arguments and what your opponent will probably counter with.

You’ve discovered your client’s interests and have a reasonable guess what the interests on the other side may be. You know your “best alternative to a negotiated agreement,” also known as BATNA, and maybe even the other party’s BATNA.

In other words, you’re ready to go.

So should you make the first offer at mediation or wait for the other side? If you do take the first step, what kind of an offer should it be and what should it include? Find the answers to these important questions here.


How my village can teach a lesson in conflict resolution

By Ehtesham Shahid (9/24/16 Al Arabiya English)

Scenes of village panchayat (courtroom) are among my best childhood recollections. Disputing parties would gather around a group of wise, usually old, men. Cases such as theft, forgery, property and family disputes would be taken up. Disputing parties would present their cases and then the accused, the aggrieved party and the witnesses would be cross-examined. After a little bit of deliberation, some pressure tactics and open pleas, the verdict would be delivered.

Of course the process would be preceded by lobbying and sometimes followed by murmurs of dissent, even contempt. But there would be general consensus and recourse in the form of appeal, with the same protocol, at a mutually agreed time and place. At the end of it all, grievances would be addressed, the guilty would be punished and the victim compensated. More importantly, there will be no spillover. There were no winners or losers. It was a classic case of collective community compromise brokered and reached within the confines of a village with no outsider getting an opportunity to intervene.

It may sound a bit of a stretch but if you apply the same logic to a group of countries, it seems my village can still teach a lesson in justice, reconciliation and conflict resolution... Find out how here!


Negotiation Book Club - Tower of Babel symposium

In the runup to symposium to be held at the University of Missouri on October 7: Moving Negotiation Theory from the Tower of Babel Toward a World of Mutual Understanding, Prof. Rishi Batra explains why the negotiation field needs to be familiar with Samuel Arbesman’s book, The Half Life of Facts: Why Everything We Know Has an Expiration Da....

I'm absolutely convinced. Read about it, here.

Upcoming Events

The ACR Conference starts this week! Click here to learn about the events happening in Baltimore September 28 to October 1 including the reception celebrating the Werner Institute’s 10th anniversary* and the inauguration of the new ACR President (and ADRHub contributor and administrator) Bryan Hanson.

* Note the reception is free and open to the public. You do not need to register to participate in the conference in order to attend the Werner Reception.



New Frontiers in Dispute Resolution – Arizona Association for Conflict Resolution - 80-min Video

Started by Giuseppe Leone in General News & Articles on Tuesday. 0 Replies

During their September 24, 2016 membership meeting held at the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law - Arizona State University, members of the Arizona Association for Conflict Resolution (AACR) learned more about new frontiers in dispute resolution…Continue

Tags: association, for, conflict, simulation, resolution

Free Resources on Peer Mediation Available on Online Peer Mediation Platform – 28-min Video

Started by Giuseppe Leone in General News & Articles Sep 21. 0 Replies

Here is the 28-min video of the September 21, 2016 webinar "Free Resources on Peer Mediation Available on Online Peer Mediation Platform" presented by Karen DeVoogd and Giuseppe Leone, team members of the Online Peer Mediation Platform -…Continue

Tags: resolution, conflict, national, program, professionals

IMI Introduces Competency Criteria for Investor-State Mediators

Started by Irena Vanenkova in General News & Articles Sep 21. 0 Replies

The Investor-State Mediation Task Force of the IMI Independent Standards Commission (ISC), has developed a comprehensive set of IMI Competency Criteria for…Continue

Jurisdictional Issues with Online Mediation

Started by Giuseppe Leone in General News & Articles Sep 19. 0 Replies

Today a mediator in Arizona (let’s call him John), who on September 24, 2016 will participate in my 1-hour presentation and demo “New Frontiers in Dispute Resolution – Introduction to Online Mediation” to the Arizona Association for Conflict…Continue

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New Frontiers in Dispute Resolution - Online Mediation “In Action” for Arizona Association for Conflict Resolution – September 24, 2016

Started by Giuseppe Leone in General News & Articles Sep 6. 0 Replies

During their September 24, 2016 membership meeting, members of the Arizona Association for Conflict Resolution - http://goo.gl/He22oj - will have the opportunity to learn more about online mediation:>> What…Continue

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One Click Mediation – The Experience of Community Mediation Centers in Australia – New 30-min Video

Started by Giuseppe Leone in General News & Articles Aug 31. 0 Replies

In 2015 the Dispute Resolution Branch (DRB) in Australia created an online mediation application process whereby clients can apply for mediation anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Due to an increasing demand by clients to be able access government…Continue

Tags: in-take, process, australia, centers, mediation

United Nations Guidance for Effective Mediation

Started by Giuseppe Leone in General News & Articles Aug 24. 0 Replies

The United Nations Guidance for Effective Mediation is designed as a reference document, drawing on the experiences of Member States, the United Nations system, regional, sub-regional and other international organizations, non-governmental…Continue

Tags: resolution, guidance, conflict, mediation, Nations

Why Students Love Online Peer Mediation – NEW 3-min Video

Started by Giuseppe Leone in General News & Articles Aug 17. 0 Replies

In a new 3-min video Jada, a college student, explains why she liked so much the opportunity to practice and sharpen her peer mediation skills by participating in free online simulations http://goo.gl/mj1fdt made…Continue

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Upcoming Webinar “Online Dispute Resolution in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities” – Seeking Panelists To Share Their Experience and Lessons Learned

Started by Giuseppe Leone in General News & Articles Aug 8. 0 Replies

According to this Pew Research Center Survey - http://goo.gl/9r3bsh - “In a few short years, the proliferation of mobile phone networks has transformed communications in sub-Saharan Africa. It has also allowed…Continue

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Online Mediation Made Simple – 30-min Video

Started by Giuseppe Leone in General News & Articles Aug 3. 0 Replies

On August 3, 2016 a large group of mediators from North America, South America, Europe and Africa learned in 30 minutes:>> What Online Mediation Means>> How It Works>> How to Blend Face-to-Face and Online Mediation>> Which…Continue

Tags: webinar, introduction, to, odr, resolution

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