Welcome to Cyberweek 2014

Thanks to all for a wonderful Cyberweek. The conference in its entirety will remain available for discussion and reflection here on the ADRHub.

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Cyberweek 2014 is here and once again the program is filled with a wealth of webinars, discussion forums and activities. This promises to be the most content rich Cyberweek thus far with 17 live webinars, 8 discussion forums and a variety of other activities to discuss the integration of technology and dispute resolution. This page provides you with the access to the live activities that take place each day. Please be sure to review the entire program schedule to ensure you do not miss a topic or activity that will meet your interests as a scholar, practitioner, or citizen interested in the integration of technology and dispute resolution processes. As a registered member of the ADRHub you can contribute to the discussion by posting comments or questions within each forum at this year’s conference. Please also feel free to share your experience along the way on twitter using #cyberweek.

Cyberweek 2014 includes many live webinars, live demonstrations, discussion forums, simulations, contests, and more. There are activities all week in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. This homepage will be updated on a daily basis highlighting engaging activities for you to participate in each day. Please check out the links below to see the entire schedule in each language.

For the full schedule of English Cyberweek activities {Click Here}

Para Acceder Cyberweek en Español please {Click Here}

Para acessar Cyberweek em Português {Click Here}

Cyberweek 2014 has concluded, but the content lives on. Please enjoy!

Archived Webinars:

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Ongoing Discussion Forums:



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Enjoy the week!!


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