ADR Group 5-day Training in Online Mediation for Greek Mediators

From Monday, June 8 to Friday June 12, 2015 a group of Greek mediators will participate in a 5-day hands-on training in online mediation, offered by the London-based ADR Group, a leading authority in mediation and other dispute resolution techniques.

To begin with, those mediators will attend a webinar titled "Introduction to Online Mediation" and presented by Giuseppe Leone, founder of Virtual Mediation Lab.

Next, they will participate in a series of online mediation simulations (in Greek). Each mediator will have the opportunity to play not only the mediator's role, but also the role of one of the parties. That way, they can experience first-hand how the parties feel and behave when they participate in an online mediation.

And finally, on Friday, June 12, all mediators will participate in a wrap-up session to discuss their experience, and lessons learned.

This training in Greek is coordinated by Zoi Giannopoulou. The same ADR Group 5-day training in online mediation is also available in English and French. For more information click here

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