Book: Resource-Based Dispute Management A Guide for the Environmental Dispute Manager

Resource-Based Dispute Management

A Guide for the Environmental Dispute Manager

The Resource-Based Dispute Management System concept proposes a management system that sequences the particular natural resource with cultural diversities to broaden the individual’s perspectives within the negotiation and mediation processes.
Preview: By combining perspectives and processes with systematic evaluative management tools, affords the disputants an ability to objectively create, evaluate and to jointly select resolution scenarios that benefit not only the disputants, but allows for conservation of natural resources and the environment I have created a process that can, if properly applied, provide successful resolutions for protracted natural resource and environmental disputes while providing for conservation of the resource for future generations The purpose of this book is to introduce a new dispute management system directed toward natural resource and environmental disputes. I have designated the system simply as the Resource-Based system. Resource-Based Management system is a conceptual management system that takes into account the differences in negotiation, mediation styles and combined with a systematic analytical tools, that allow the disputants to evaluate and select resolution scenarios that provide a greater level of success.
About the author: Larry Long has spent the last thirty-five years working in the environmental field. He is the CEO of International Dispute Management. and has worked in several regulatory programs with environmental regulatory agencies. He holds a BS in developmental biology and biochemistry, and an MS in watershed hydrology from the University of Arizona, an MS in dispute management from the Werner Institute at Creighton School of Law, and an EJD in law from Concord Law School. Long is recognized as a didactic leader with persuasive mediation and management styles that incorporates dispute resolution techniques in team building and communication while in a problem-solving-rich environment that combined federal, state and local governments, tribal, and private sector stakeholders in a collaborative process providing balanced resolutions of natural resources issues. He is recognized by management and his peers for his technical subject matter expertise in hydrology, water resources, hard-rock and coal mining, environmental impact analysis, transportation and communication, through awards and publications.
More on the e-book version [HERE].
More on the softcover version [HERE]. 

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