Example of Online Mediation of International Dispute with Bilingual (German/Spanish) Mediator and What Did We Learn? Discussion in English – 110-min Video

Thanks to mediators Beatriz Rodriguez de la Flor (in Spain), Judith McKimm and Miryan Gharibo (in Austria), on May 27, 2013 we ran and video recorded an online mediation simulation of a international case, in which Judith played the role of a bilingual (German/Spanish) mediator.

After their online mediation session, we had a “What Did We Learn?” discussion (in English), to talk about:

>> How Judith, the bilingual mediator, experienced her first online mediation via Skype
>> What challenges a bilingual mediator like her faces when playing two distinct and at times conflicting roles – mediator and translator – at the same time
>> How Beatriz and Miryan, who played the parties' roles, felt during their first bilingual online mediation
>> Why having a bilingual mediator is preferable to having an online mediator plus an online translator
>> What we'll do differently during our next international simulations in 2 languages, and why

The video recording of our simulation consists of 2 parts.

Part 1 – 72-min Online Mediation in German and Spanish
Part 2 – 38-min “What Did We Learn?” discussion in English

We hope that videos like this will help mediators realize the business opportunities offered by online mediation for settling International disputes.


Giuseppe Leone

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