Free ICNC Webinar: Costs and Risks in Nonviolent Conflict, Sept 23

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Costs and Risks in Nonviolent Conflict
Thursday, September 23, 2010 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT
Civil resistance movements engage in a contest with their adversaries.
In this contest, each side is capable of imposing costs on the other. Civil
resistance movements may take actions that deny their adversaries legitimacy
and material resources, as well as reduce the loyalty of the adversary's
supporters. Conversely, a movement's adversary may take actions to deny a
movement legitimacy, material resources, or the loyalty of the movement's

Furthermore, like in any contest, there are certain risks inherent in one's
choice of strategy. In attempting to impose costs on the other, movements
and their adversaries incur risks associated with their actions.

In this webinar, Hardy Merriman frames civil resistance from the
perspective of two kinds of costs--material/economic costs and
political/legitimacy costs--that movements and their adversaries can impose
on each other. It will also survey the risks associated with movements'
attempts to impose these costs on their adversaries.

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