Government 2.0: Redefining Dispute Resolution and Civic Engagement

As deficits grow and tax revenues dwindle, governments are being forced to make difficult decisions on which services and functions are necessary, which are expendable, and which are superfluous. At the same time, citizens and businesses are demanding more access to information, easier forms of communication, and greater efficiencies in government’s role as intermediary to dispute resolution.

Technology’s ability to meet the needs of both citizens and government is obvious. However, with varying degrees of citizen capacity and resources, which technologies are best suited? Will citizens without high-speed access to the internet ultimately have less ability to engage with government or partake in its services? How do we address the access and knowledge divide? Are virtual service channels and remote engagement sufficient replacements to old fashioned town halls and courthouses? How can costly and inefficient in-person traditional government forums be replicated or replaced for the digital age? Should they be? Are technology-mediated dispute resolution systems an organic evolution of our times or a fiscal necessity?

Join an esteemed panel of experts as they discuss innovative dispute resolution and civic engagement tools and technologies that governments have, are, and will be using to work with other governments, mediators, lawyers, and citizens.


Larry Schooler - Fellow, Center for Public Policy Dispute Resolution, UT Austin; Mediator & Community Engagement Consultant for City of Austin, Texas

Darin Thompson - Legal Counsel, BC Ministry of Attorney General, Justice Services Branch

Colin Rule - Founder and CEO of Modria, Inc.; former Director of Online Dispute Resolution for Ebay and PayPal.

Daniel Rainey - Chief of Staff at The National Mediation Board; Chair, Technology Committee at Association for Conflict Resolution




Tuesday, November 8 ·  1:00pm -  4:00pm

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All weekend, starting...NOW, there will be an ongoing tweet chat related to the webinar, which you can join by using #ibogov to participate.

Additionally, the Internet Bar Organization Institute has many related discussions ongoing at

Hope to see you there.


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